A girl in his dreams


   My mother must have observed my mood before she asked me that question. The reply I gave her made her speechless for a few minutes.

   She walked to stand in front of me and stared into my eyes. She seemed to be wondering what kind of a son I was.

  My father has just won a victory in battle and he has become an Alpha. Shouldn't I be celebrating and happy for our new elevation in the pack? But I was being different. 

  "Aren't you happy to be seen as a member of the number one family of this pack? Look at the luxury and the comfort we will be getting while living in our new home.

  In the near future, you would become the Alpha of this pack. What your father has done is the best thing he has ever done in his life.

   He has paved the way for you and the unborn generations. You now have royal blood and everyone would respect you.." My mother chimed, trying to paint the whole thing as perfect before me.

   " I don't want such respect. Dad had always been a beta. And being referred to as the son of a beta was more honourable to me than being seen through the eyes of a traitor.

  See the lives of those lost, innocent pack members dead because dad wants to become an Alpha? Turning a reigning Alpha into a rogue and sending many wounded? Is that what I should be happy about?

   I don't want such luxury or a future as an Alpha. I am happy the way I am and if one day, I become the Alpha, I will return the pack to Alpha Fred Wilson.." I was saying with a scowl.

   I saw my mother's countenance changed. I Know her wolf was almost being let out of control hadn't she applied so much control over it.

   "This will be the last time you utter such nonsense. If your words ever get to the ears of your father, you will definitely be the first to be set an example at the stake.

  What your father did was not new or strange. The strongest in the pack should be the Alpha. And he is stronger than Alpha Fred Wilson.

   It is only natural that he dethroned the weak Alpha and took over the position. Don't think so unhealthy of your father ever again.

   You should go out and meet your father in the Royal Court and congratulate him on the success of his battle and celebrate his joy of victory.." My mother scolded me and slammed the door on her way out.

   I sank into the giant bed. Within a few hours after the Wilson's left the pack house, the house was soon transformed into something else.

  The dead Bodies were gone and the blood stained everywhere had been wiped off. It became a clean and perfect place befitting an Alpha.

   I closed my eyes momentarily. I have no option. This is where fate has brought me. From being a beta's son to be an Alpha's son and maybe turn out to become a future Alpha.

  My name is Derick and I am twelve years old. My father is Lucas Bristol, a former beta to Alpha Fred Wilson and the strongest of the warriors.

   My mother is Brenda Bristol, a friend to the former Luna, Erica Wilson. I have a sister who is three years younger than I am, a beautiful petite figure called Laura.

  I settled into my room. Thank goodness I didn't know the Wilson's facially nor do they know me if they come across me.

   That was the consolation I had. I wouldn't address myself as someone from the Rangers pack but simply a wolf.

   My sister was jumping in excitement. She had a large room and a big bed, Better than the one she had in our former house.

  She was chiming and saying that our present house was way better than the previous. She doesn't know how we came upon to now start living there neither does she know we are in the pack house meant for the Alpha and his family alone.

   The Bodies of the dead warriors and the faithful loyalist to Alpha Fred Wilson were being made into a heap. I watched from the window of my bedroom and saw the old Alpha, Alpha Fred's father's body put together with others.

  I looked away, I don't want to know what they intend in doing to those bodies. Either bury them or set them aflame.

  Those were the bodies of the innocent people of our pack. They woke up that morning to their death. They were true to Alpha Fred Wilson till death.

   Soon I heard those my father sent to get the former Alpha back returned with unpleasant news. 

   The King of the Alphas have forbidden the warriors from stepping their feet into his boundaries. They were to find some other means and go after Alpha Fred Wilson.

   There was no other way and they returned. My father was furious and roared angrily. He couldn't get his most wanted enemy and that didn't go down well with him.

   I gave a quiet smirk. He wants them so he could torture them to their death? I was happy and for the first time that evening, I talked with humour.

   A long time passed and I got used to the royal life. Everything seemed to be normal and when I turned fourteen, I discovered my wolf. 

   But there has always been this girl I see in my dreams. I don't know her in real life and I haven't come across her in the entire pack.

   A beautiful blonde hair girl. She has grey eyes and I Know she is my mate. But I haven't met her.

  Is she from another pack? I was waiting, someday I will come across her and know who she is.


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Shannan Soucy
I find it odd that the Betas son has never been to the pack house or seen the Alphas family. wouldnt he be prepping to become Beta one day? if its a loving pack, why wouldn't members of the pack be at the pack house occasionally?

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