Isabella's authority prevailed and Derick stayed behind. He was angry and walked out on her, went and find a suitable place to sit in the garden.

  Derick remained there, unhappy with Isabella's unwillingness to understand him when he heard the noise of Fred Wilson's return. He was startled by the noise and he gradually stood up.

   He perceived his mother's scent. But his father's was dominant. It could only be explained that his father was somewhere nearby but his mother and sister were a bit far.

   Why is his father there? Oh perhaps as a prisoner. He doesn't want to see him, see his humiliation, shame and his present predicament.

  He is more interested in finding his mother. He wants to meet her and Laura and get th

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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow, that was a horrible ending. I was able to look past the many grammatical errors as I was intrigued but that is one of the worst endings EVER!
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lalisa goode
Are you kidding did the author just give up on this book it was a awesome book up until the quick end and an ending that made no sense!!
goodnovel comment avatar
wtf? worst ending ever!
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