Chapter 6


I have been at the annual Alpha’s meeting for the last two weeks, I am the one to keep them all under control and everyone was starting to get on my nerves with all the petty squabbles especially the ones over land and expansions. I made sure everything was fair but once my decision was made it was final, for I am Axel the Alpha King.

I got back to the pack house at 4am even though I told my Beta Benjamin that I wouldn’t be back until lunch wanting some time to myself and a chance to rest not that I will sleep much, as I haven’t slept the for the entire night since my chosen mate was killed in a rogue attack. I am plagued by the nightmare of that time. 

I have a quick shower from running in my wolf form, slip on some boxer shorts and climb into my bed. I then just lay there and look at the ceiling, now I know that no one should enter my private rooms as I lost control with the
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Hazel Bridle
Interesting stuff.
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Wow - he’s mean; but when are Alphas mean to humans. She’s his mate and doesn’t know anything about werewolves. The students are rude and need a lesson in being nice.
goodnovel comment avatar
why wouldn’t he know why she was there?

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