Chapter 7


I don't give him a choice as I take over shifting at the same time, I run through the balcony windows and jump from one level to the next until I am on the ground. I take a deep breath and howl as I catch only a slight lingering of Stella's scent, I know Axel doesn't like the fact that Stella is our mate but we need her. I guess he will reprimand me later for going after her, to him she is just a human, a weakling and of no use to us but I know this is not true and he will come to see it for himself soon but for now I must find her as I can sense she is trying to leave. I follow the slight trail of her scent until I reach a fallen branch where I then smell the distinct odour of blood. I now follow the smell of her blood until I see her hobbling along in front of me, I shift and grab some sweatpants from a nearby tree, she is already scared of us and her seeing me naked will probably scare her more, I put them on
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goodnovel comment avatar
Better, but he still shouldn’t have touched her throat again. Hope he gets Kelly and Mason for hurting her. Hope Stella turns out to be something more than human, even if not a shifter.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mira Yarrell
So far good book I need those other wolves to get taught a lesson horrible
goodnovel comment avatar
Deborah McLeod
enjoying the story but I hope Mason and Kelly get what's coming to them

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