Chapter 11


After our lunch meeting, I leave Benjamin to do what he needs to do and head back to my office, unfortunately Nora links her arm with mine and accompanies me. Once back on my private floor I head into my bedroom to get out of the suit I was wearing for the meeting, Nora follows me in while undoing her dress as she walks up to me, Wulfric growls at me "Don't touch her!" 

I ignore him and allow her to kiss me, I tense as I wrap my arms around her tightening them bringing her in close to my body, Wulfric growls once more and then blocks me out. I then walk her backwards until we get to the bed, I let her go and push her so she lands on the bed, I crawl up and over her kissing up her stomach, over her chest and breasts, up her neck to her lips where I put more and more dominance into the kiss. I move my hand up and wrap it around her throat squeezing tighter and tighter as I use my other
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Joanne Curran
one of the pack said" know your place slave" right when she gave stella a slap.?????? i am trying so hard with this but i think its going to be a delete soon
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What? Good thing this is free.
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Crystal Stauske - Jacobs
Good so far

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