Chapter 12



I follow the scent of the young members of my pack until I reach the stream I stop on a skid as the smell of the young males from my pack goes over the border and into the woods on the other side. I throw my head back and HOWL. It isn't long before about a dozen of my young pack members are standing in front of me, I shift and stand there with my hands on my hips waiting.

The young male Mason steps forward "Alpha!? What, Why are you out here?"

"There's been reports of rogues nearby! I heard your warning howl and thought that maybe a rogue had entered the bon fire area. It also seems that the members of my pack don't know the rules..." 

"Sorry Sir! Which rules?"

"Hunting without an adult and passing out of the territory!" 

"But we have...." I smirk as he then looks around and pales "Sorry Sir! I didn't realise we had
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Alpha is supposed to have like supersonic hearing and can hear wolf chases miles away but can’t hear them talking right there in his presence
goodnovel comment avatar
He heard them say that and then they go look for her but he doesn’t stop them or correct their defiance?
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
oh, zo it's OK to force someone if their human. run, stella.

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