Chapter 14


Over the next two months leading up to my birthday we had managed to get into a routine, I would make us both breakfast a 4:30am in the morning and we would sit and eat together, then he would take me down for some defence training, then I would clean until it was time to head to the college with either Benjamin or Hannah and he would head to his office for the day. After the incident with Mason, Toby and Conner in the field Benjamin finally came clean about what they were and why I could never leave the town, even dad couldn’t leave now that he was here and there was also the fact that my dad sold me to them so I now belonged to Axel and can only ever leave if he allows it but I have a feeling that he will never let me leave. So I now know about werewolves, witches and the very long list of other supernatural species that live around us, it made me studying their history so much more understandable.


I also found out
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