Chapter 15


“Then just under 3 months ago I come home from school early to find my dad home from work talking to his boss in our kitchen, he introduced me to Benjamin saying he had gotten a promotion at work which he had to take but we had to move to a small country town. He then told me that he had gotten me work and that is when Benjamin told me I would be working for the big boss. They never told me what the deal was, why dad got the promotion but I did find some paperwork as we were packing that showed all the money we got from mums death was all gone and then it seemed he borrowed money from Benjamin so we could keep the house and buy food.

It wasn’t until a little while after I actually started working for Axel that I found out that I belonged to him, you see my dad sold me to Benjamin to cover his debt with the company and Benjamin gave me to Axel. So my dad sold me to the King of Alpha’s... I don’t even know if my dad knew what you are or not. Eve

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Bipolar much, how can she even think about loving someone like him??
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I’m not so sure about this book.
goodnovel comment avatar
How could she even think of loving someone like him!!!! That’s disturbing

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