Chapter 17


After history I meet Benjamin in the guest room on Axel's private floor to pick up the last of my things, just before we leave he sits on the end of the bed and asks

"So why the move? I thought Axel wanted you to stay here?"

"Nope he doesn't want me here anymore, I know belong to him and I have accepted that. Anyway I will do what he tells me, I will continue to take the punishments he gives me and continue to clean but I will not serve her, I will not be her slave."

"Punishments? Wait.. Her who?"

I lean on the wall as I answer him "Nora! He chose Nora, Benjamin he chose Noah to be his Queen and the worst thing is..."

He gets up off the bed and walks over stopping in front of me, he places his hand on my cheek wiping away the tear I couldn't stop and whispers "What is it Stella?"

"I think I love him. Benjamin, he stole my heart but gave his to her!" I
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