Chapter 18


I finished early tonight, with Axel away and Nora no where in sight there isn’t really that much to clean, I just made sure that I had replaced his sheets so that they are nice and fresh for when he get back later. I decided that I didn’t want to go home yet and I didn’t want to stay on Axel’s floor just waiting for when he gets back and no doubt punishes me for refusing Benjamin’s advances, so I go for a walk, I end up in the woods and smile as I come across the wild flowers, lake and waterfall again. I haven’t been here since that day after the bon fire and it is just as beautiful at night, I still have the scars from the first day here when I ran from Axel and gashed my thigh and then all the small scars from when Mason found out I was a human and tried to force himself and his friends on me.

I pick a flower and find a rock by the lake to sit on, I put the flower to my nose and take a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance and then look out

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