Chapter 118


I watch as Aaliyah finishes setting up whatever it is that she needs to. Once she has set up, I then listen as she starts her chant,

By the power of the moon,

Let the power dim within this Collar and Chain,

Drain the protecting Magic,

So the hold they have may be broken.

North, South, East, West,

Aid me now in this Quest,

A curse made with Blood,

Must be Cleansed,

By the Sun and the Moon.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water,

I call for your Aid,

Unbind this Chain and Collar,

To No Longer keep its Prisoner,

Bound that was Stolen.

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Schreiner
loving the book. hope more updates sooner. hate the waiting to fond out whays going to happen next
goodnovel comment avatar
This is a good turn, I just hope Toby (I hate him) did'nt take Mary and Meredith with him.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tina Goad
This getting better and better!

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