Chapter 120


When I pull back from our kiss, I smile as I step back, but Logan won't allow me to move too far as he tightens his arm around me and pulls me back into his side. I look around and see my father approaching. I look up at Logan, who smiles, nods his head and finally lets me go. As soon as his arm drops from my waist, I run to my father and nearly make him fall over as I wrap my arms around him.

He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight as he whispers,

"I'm sorry! I had no choice..."

I pull back a little to look up at him as I say, "Dad, what are you talking about?"

"The deal with Alpha Oliver... The way I sent you with him... I am sorry!"

"Dad, I told you I was willing to be part of the alliance, I even told you to do it... And if you had told me what was happening, you wouldn't have had to drug me as I would have gone with him willingly... Family and the kingdom always come first..."

"I know you did and I am sorry that I d

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Elizabeth Kohanski
when is this story usually updated I'd love to read more
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Valerie Crabtree
glad this worked out for them! great chapter!

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