Chapter 121


Once all the injured are healed enough to travel, we start the long trip back home. The first stop we make is at Alpha Pablo's pack. Ariel and I feel really bad, as it was the females from this pack that were taken by Toby and the rest of his rogues because of my heat. Logan goes to find one of the females he helped as I wandered around the pack. I watch as the females are still all on edge and seem even more so now that even more males have entered their pack's little village.

I place my hand on my lower abdomen. I still haven't had the chance to tell Logan about our little bundle. I keep looking for the right time, but something else always seems to come up and I don't get to tell him. I see Alpha Pablo making his rounds of the females now that he is back in the pack and I decide that I never actually got to apologise for the trouble, loss and trauma I caused him and his pack. I approach him slowly and say hesitantly,

"Alpha Pablo?"

He turns

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