Chapter 125


I pull out from his body, straighten and turn so I am now facing him. I am glad no one walked in as it wouldn't have looked good, me in the arms of another male. I look directly into Michael's red eyes and whisper, 

"You are setting me free? With only those 2 conditions? How do you know that I will keep to them?" 

"Yes, I am setting you free. I only need these two conditions, and I know you wouldn't go back on them once you agree. One, because I am connected to you and I will know where you are no matter where you go, and two, it is not in you to renege once a deal is made. You have too much of your father's honour in you..." 

I lower my eyes from his for a moment, but sigh and return my eyes to his, as I whisper, 

"Okay, I agree with your terms!" 

His eyes shine bright red and I get lost in them as he closes the gap, leaning down and kissing me. I hesitantly kiss him back as I taste the coppery tang of blood.

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Vanessa Durward
I am unsure at the moment.
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Vanessa Durward
yes it will.
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Can't wait for the next series of this book!!! I really hope it's about King Michael and his beloved.
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