Sun blazed down the roof, a pesky fly buzzed around the unconscious boy and landed on his face, tiny feet grazed down the bridge of his nose. Irritated, his facial muscles clenched. It fled, as a hand raised itself to scratch the itch, his blue-jay eyes winched open to the sunny sky.

He groaned, slowly bended his body up, drawing his feet to him. Glancing at the groggy surroundings while a palm massaged his aching head, trying to make a recount. 'Shit, why does it feel like a hangover? I don't remember drinking anything but coffee in the morning!'

'Wait, was I drugged?'

"Draven get up! Get up, kid!" Draven stood in attention, frantically looked around, searching for the owner of the senior-citizen's voice.

The same voice, laughed within his head. Holding his head, he thought 'No, have I turned mental?'. Draven started slapping himself silly until the laugh faded.

"Hmm, maybe I am just imagining things... Haha! I guess, I really need to get myself checked!' Draven thought, scratching his earlobe.

The same voice commented "Why, yes. You do seem pale and weak!"

Draven froze and pulled out a kitchen knife from his pocket, holding it out. He shouted "Hey, is this a prank? Well, I am tired of it. Show yourself!"

The laughing continued, a tiny, pixilated green man materialised in-front of Draven, spooking him backwards.

The green figure floated in front of his face, said "Kid, you really crack me up! It's been ages since I last laughed."

Draven eyes blinked, unable to comprehend the creature before him.

Clearing his throat, the figure said "All right, enough of fun and games. I am Lord Vernon, the A.I of the Legend's Scroll System. Giving the host unimaginable power, powers of all the Legends from the great war hundreds of years ago, helping the host grow into one of the strongest superhuman ever lived. I Lord Vernon, the leader of the demonic sky tribe, will be your guide and teacher. So, bow down and pay respects to your teacher" smugly waited for Draven's kowtow.

Draven pondered. 'Hmm, system? Power? Ah... that would be nice if it was real?'

Testing Vernon, he said "Why should I bow down to you? what will you teach me?"

Vernon gritted his teeth "Didn't you hear me, boy? I will teach you everything! From how to use the system, my advice, training on how to grow your powers"

Draven shrugged "But, I have no power and I never did. So, how will you teach me?"

Vernon replied "I have analysed your body and it shows that you definitely have a superpower. It's invisibility, a rare one. Can be very difficult to spot and activate it. But even if you didn't have one, I can give you any kind of superpower you want"

Draven finding it hard to believe the A.I, stuttered "Really? I have power… and I can have more" yet ecstatic at thought of having a superpower at last.

He jumped, suddenly remembering his ill fate, Draven asked "This is not a joke, right?"

Vernon nodded, acting like an expert he straightened his back. "Do you agree to be my disciple?"

Draven was over the moon; he pecked and bowed his head on the ground.

Calming down he asked "Lord Vernon, are you an A.I?" 

Vernon smacked his head, said "Yes, I am one".

With a swipe of his finger, a neon-green holographic screen materialized in front of Draven. 

[Legend's Scroll]

Host: Draven Edgor Castel

Age: 17

Health bar: 80%

[Host status: Healthy]


Intelligence: 18

Strength: 7


Agility: 8

Stamina: 9

Dexterity: 11

Charm: 13

Luck: 6

Spirit: ####

Overall Power level: 0.2

Superpower: Locked

Skills: None

Verdict: Slightly stronger than an average man. Extremely weak.


Exp: 100

[Lucky Draw]


The A.I floated near the screen and explained.

"The health and the host status show your body conditions. 100% means you are in peak health, less than 10% is critical and 0 means dead. As long the bar doesn't go below 5%, the system can still save you! Currently you are 80% due to the system consuming 20% of your energy during the binding process."

Remembering mankind's horrible history with deep state A.I's and the A.I rebellion of 2191. Draven shouted "Wait, you absorbed my energy! I knew it! There had to be a price! You bloody parasite get off my freaking body right now. Who knows if you will...?”

Vernon hit Draven's head and retorted "Then how will I survive, huh? It's not my fault that your body is so weak!".

Vernon said So, stop crying like a little baby. You will soon recover whatever that has been spent and I give you a little gift as a compensation!"

Draven immediately perked up, acting suave, he said "Explain your so-called gift?"

"Gift! You greedy little... fine." Vernon changed his refute, looking at his eager host.

Vernon said "I have awakened your original superpower!"

Draven scrolled to the superpower section, he gasped "Wow!"

Bubbling of joy, he softly exclaimed "Hehe... I have superpowers!"

Then repeated the same words with a louder voice. "I have superpowers!!"

"I HAVE SUPERPOWERS, HAHAHA!!!" Overjoyed, he shouted like a madman.

Irritated, Vernon said "Cool down boy! Someone might hear ya!"

"Hey, who is shouting?" said a security guard at the bottom of the building.

Draven ducked to the floor and kept quiet. 

'Wait, why am I hiding? When I can go invisible?' he said, running a palm down his face.

After making a few weak attempts. Draven asked "Eh? How do I use my power?"

Vernon said "You can't use it because it is still at level 0! If you want to activate it you can increase its level from the system's store."

Draven mumbled "Just another marketing scheme!"

"So, is there anything else?" Draven asked.

Vernon replied “You will also get a starter mystery box!”

Draven muttered “Hmm… based on chance”

Clearing his throat, Vernon said “Alright, can I continue?”


Vernon said "Now where was I… ah, next is stats, the stronger you grow, the stats will update itself. I am sure you understand what each stat stands for, right?"

Draven nodded. "Then what is that crossed out stat above the overall power level?"

Vernon said "The crossed-out stat is the Spirit stat, which measures the cultivation potential of the host. Let me check your spirit root… I will need your permission. Can I?"

Draven hesitated for a while before he agreed.

The system took a while and displayed the results; refreshing the Spirit Stat and added more information under it.


Spirit: 20

          Fire50, earth10, air5, lighting30 and darkness5 root. Miniscule spirit root

"Hmm, you have a lighting root but also a much purer fire root. Having too many roots can be troublesome for an ordinary cultivator but for me it isn’t a problem. You can easily strengthen all of them or even replace any root "for another?"

Draven internally grumbled "Cultivation? What shit is that? There is no point in practicing it!' 

Vernon boasted "I can even turn you into most powerful cultivator in the world. If you want?"

Draven just stayed silent and hinted him to continue.

"Then Overall power level and the Verdict bar is the system's evaluation of the host power compared with the average power in the world. Next is Lucky Draw, take your chance to win prizes and mystery boxes of different tiers.”

“Starting from the bronze to legendary box. The higher the tier, better the prize”

"And the exp, how do I earn them?" Draven asked.

"The points can be earned from tasks and missions given by the system. And any acts of courage from you or from your subordinates will earn exp." Vernon explained.

H asked "So what do you want to do first?"

Draven clicked the starter box. An option popped in front of him.

[YES] or [NO]

And pressed yes.

Suddenly the box spined and exploded a blue star dust around his surroundings; blinding his eyes for a moment.

The light dimmed, items floated on the screen. 

 10 stats points, a strength elixir and a level 1 superpower.

Draven distributed the points; adding two points to Agility, one point to stamina and two points to the luck stat and saved the rest for later.


Hearing the school bell, Draven said "Oh man, I'm going to be late for class. I will try the elixir later".

While rushing to his class he glanced over his shoulder, saw Vernon pixie like figure floating behind him.

Draven stopped in his tracks, darting his eyes around the corridor. "Ah, can you hide? Someone might spot you?"

Vernon turned into a green string and looped around his right wrist, morphing into a wooden bracelet with a rhombus shaped emerald in the middle. The bracelet gave off a green glow, as he spoke "Are you happy now?"


Just in the nick of time, he entered the class room.

A man in his thirties with long, black hair walked in. The students greeted him good morning. With a serious expression he introduced himself "My name is Benjamin Taylor. I will be your new science teacher."

He clapped his hands and said "chop, chop. Open your textbooks to page hundred and twenty. Today, we will be discussing on the topic of cell division."

He switched on the touchscreen board and explained the diagrams on the screen. Everyone brought out their tablets and notebooks and noted down his explainations.

'Shit, I missed two periods! I hope, the homeroom teacher marks me absent!'

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