That Cursed Day

Under her questioning gaze, his throat went dry. Abby leaned against the wall with crossed arms.

He stuttured "I... I was in the toilet...had a really bad one....Sorry I .... I took too long" 

Abby stiffled her laugh within her petite hands.

Sternly, she said "I still won't excuse you for this! So, you better stay behind!"

Draven nodded and dragged his feet to his seat.

He picked his brush and began painting. While he was painting, a soft voice caressed his earbuds. "Hey, what happened? And happened to your clothes?"

With shifty eyes, he said "I wasn't feeling well and I somehow had ruined them... And borrowed my friend's spare clothes."

Karisa gave a sincere smile, said "Oh! I didn't know, sorry for asking. Are you feeling better now?"

Breathing in her rosy fragrence, suddenly his heart leaped, viewing her through flowery lens. Surpressing his emotions, he replied "No worries. It's OK. I am fine."

Draven smiled into Karisa's eyes for a moment. Abby saw them all lovey-dovy, she coughed.

The dry cough disrupted the harmony between them. Feeling exposed, they both blushed and awkwardly continued their work. Karisa took a few sneak peeks, while he was concentrating on his canvas. She smiled, watching him paint. She thought 'Man, he is so cute, I want him! I can't believe that he is the same boy from six years ago.'

Unknown to Karisa, while he was painting. He caught a glimpse of her cherry blossom cheeks. Being the reason behind her smile; his heart went mushy with warm feelings. Draven controlled himself and didn't leak a single emotion out.

Draven recalled Abby's relationship talks. He put Abby's advice into practice and made the first move. He said "Karisa, I'm curious. What made you to change your subject to arts?"

Karisa pondered, pressed the end of her brush against her lips.

She said "When I was younger. My elder brother used to always come home with his adventures. He always had the habit of drawing rather than clicking his moments. Whenever he was home, he used to show me his sketches. Of all the places he travelled and the people he met along the way. I was fascinated and I too, wanted to draw a portrait of him. He is the reason I chose art."

Draven listened and his eyes sparkled in awe. He said "Wow, your brother sounds cool. Can i meet him. one day? I too love art... But my family doesn't approve" his eyes dimmed, thinking of his family.

Karisa said "Yeah. He is! Same here, even my parents disapprove of my passion for art."

Draven said "Really? Anyway... "

The bell rang, marking the end of the period and the end of their conversation.

Annoyed, Draven mentally cursed the bell's timing.

Karisa said "Bye, I really enjoyed our time and I hope to see you soon." she waved her hand.

Draven said "Yeah, Goodbye... Me too."

He sighed. 'It's tough to play hard to get. I almost fell for her!'

Addy once said that the faster the person falls, the more disappointed, they would be in the end. Always guard your dignity, never forsake it, even for the one you like, otherwise they will trample your feelings and make you feel cheap and unworthy.

Draven cleared his station and packed his bag. Once they were alone, Abby said "So, what happened?" 

Draven replied "I got into a fight in the washroom."

Surprised, she questioned him "Really? But you don't even have a single wound on you."

Draven said "Look at my clothes! Is this even remotely close to my style... It sickens me! Oh Abby do you have any nice clothes lying around? I look like a douchebag!"

Abby chuckled, said "Yeah you do... Hey, do I look like your personal closet? I'm a lady. I don't have any spare clothes for a boy and even if i did, I won't give you any!" and punched his shoulder.

"Ouch! Please Abby, I will do anything for some decent clothes!" he exaggerated and begged with joined hands.

Abby gave in. "Ok, but on one condition! You have to deliver the books for me."

Draven replied "Yes..."

Abby grinned. "Ok then, you will have to share with me, all the juicy details between you and Karisa"

Draven laughed. and jokingly said "Yeah sure."

"Ma'am, we better hurry otherwise I willl be late for my class" Draven said and helped Abby to carry a pile of books.

They walked though the halls and delivered the books to their respective classes.

In front of the last class, Draven said  "Mrs. let me handle the last one."

Abby agreed and left after saying her thanks. Before he pulled the door open, the door dashed against him and fell on butt, with books scattered on the floor.

Draven was about to fume.

She apologized profusely with her back bended.

With her back lowered, her gaze landed on him. She was astounded and gasped.

She exclaimed "Oh my! Oh my Gosh! Draven. Is that you Draven?"

Taking a good look of her, she had long, plantnium hair tinted with blue. Styled with flowers matching her knee-lenght dress with white floral.

Draven took her stretched hand and stood on his feet. He patted the dust off his pants and collected the books on the ground.

Draven said "Heather, you still remember me?"

Heather Darwins chucked, reminiscing of the good 'ol days, she replied "Of course, how can I forget? We had so much fun together when we were younger"

Draven chuckled, forgetting the pain in his left shoulder.

They chatted until a teacher grunted.

Heather swallowed her words, glancing at her professor. She said "Sorry for .... the"

Draven patted her head. "No, it's alright! Anyway, you already apologized, silly."

She blushed, as he leg swayed like a purring kitten, she said "Draven, it's nice meeting you again... Do you have a serial number or a cell? So, we can catch up, I have to go now!"

Draven replied "Sure, me too!"

They passed their contact numbers and parted. Draven rushed to his class.

When they were younger; Draven, Heather, May and Sam were childhood friends. Due to the strong relationship between their families, they played and did everything together.

They were friends until the age ceremony, five years ago. Everyone of his generation passed, except Draven.

Once Draven failed the ceremony, their families cut him off from all of their social gatherings and his friends were forced to stop contacting Draven.

Left to fend for himself. His enemies targeted him.

Through all of these years, he never blamed his friends for abandoning him. Instead, he detested the Grand Patriarch, his grandpa's decisions and rules and, also that cursed day.


Behind the school building, arms around their shoulders, they both grunted, limping forward, totally different from their usual, proud selves.

Their hair burnt, with soot covering their wounds. As their walked, new holes reopened on their clothes.

Looking at them, even their mothers wouldn't be able to recognize them.

They crossed the lawn and sat under the tree, waiting for their Mistress to arrive.

A minute later, a gentle breeze brushed past the tree; leaves descended upon the soft grass. Light footsteps, a figure stepped in front of them.

They bowed on their knees; greeting the masked lady dressed in blue.

She looked at them with disdain. She cleared her throat. "Where is the target?"

Osborne shivered, sweat running down his cheeks and said fearfully "Master, we weren't able to capture Draven. He... he escaped."

Her face darkened and spoke in a  condescending tone "You buffoons! You couldn't even handle a single person. He is fu*** powerless. Give me one good reason to not end your life."

Osborne froze in fright. Nolan raised his head and spoke for Osborne "Master, but the reports are false. Draven clearly isn't powerless!"

The masked lady paused, said "What did you say?"

Osborne replied "He has awakened, with a fire ability. And a very powerful one. He was strong enough to single-handly wipe out, me and my whole crew by himself.

A smile curved on her stern lips and laughed. Hearing their Mistress's laugh, they shivered. She said " Fine, I will spare your lives!"

Another masked man teleported next to the lady. He held her shoulder and they teleported away.

Osborne and Nolan slumped their backs against the trunk and wiped the sweat off their brows in relief.


In another place far from school,

Deep in his basement, an old man warmed himself near the fireplace, while staring at an antique lamp. The lamp on the coffee table brightened and illuminated with a grim glow of red.

Light befell his old face, highlighting the scars and his thin lips. As they spread into an evil grin. He jumped to his feet, fluttering the hem of his robes. "Haha hahahah finally it's done. He has awakened! He has finally awakened!!" the old man shouted at the top of his lungs.

Smacking his lips. 'Hmm... it won't be long and we shall rise!'


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