Friendly Goths

Daven was late. Knowing his Maths teacher’s temperament, he would be in for a scolding. He took a deep breath and knocked, before walking in. Draven apologized, informed her of his reason behind his tardiness.

Mrs. Winchester for a wonder said the strangest things. “Next time, be on time and take your seat.'

Draven took his seat at the back of the class and flipped his notebook open. Swirling a Ten between his fingers while listening to her lecture.

Time passed like a blur. When half of the day was over, the lunch bell rang.

The students rushed through the halls, either to chat with their buddies outside or the school cafeteria.

Draven carried his sorry ass out of the class with a bag over his shoulder, heading to the rooftops. With a dazed expression, he slowly climbed the stairs. But internally, he was chatting with Vernon in the system.

Vernon said "Do you want to see the stats now?"


---Legend's Scroll---

Host: Draven Edgor Castel

Age: 17

Health bar: 75%

[Health status: Healthy, Recovering]


Intelligence: 18

Strength: 27


Stamina: 9

Agility: 8



Luck: 6

Spirit: 20

Power: Invisibility (lv.0), Fire (lv.1)

Skills: Fire manipulation (Fire breath, fire rings)

Overall Power: 0.9

Verdict: power of a newly awakened. Still stronger due to the host having higher stats otherwise the host is still weak.


1.basic Study boost expired.

2.basic Speed boost expired.


Exp: 1,110


Mystery (Legend)



"Wow! A mystery box of the Legend class!" Draven gasped.

Vernon said "You are pretty lucky kid.”

“Of course, I am lucky otherwise how would I live till today?” Draven said, clicked the mystery box, it exploded blowing gold dust in his face, showing a fragment of a map.

Mystery Map (1/9) fragment acquired.

Draven face fell in disappointment, as he glanced at the torn, goat-skinned map and stored back in the storage.

Vernon said "Btw I got to warn you, slowly the price of some items can increase the price of stat point can rise along with the difficulty to improve the host body as the host gets stronger."

Vernon said "And to increase your potential and prepare your body to handle greater power. You have to start training, cranking all the way up to hell mode."

Draven didn't mind training, instead he was skyed for more power, more training. If he ever wants to rise in this shit world... he knew nothing comes easy without hard work.

“Save your shit! I am all for it, pops!” Draven tightened his fist in anticipation. 

“Pops?” Vernon shook his head “When will you learn to respect your teacher? You should…”

“Whatever Pops!” Draven said and pushed open the door to the roof.

Vernon sighed ‘Teenagers!’

Draven’s forehead creased in bewilderment, expecting the rooftop to be empty. Instead, a group of gothic teens were chilling, smoking cigarettes with their buddies.

Like rats, their eyes shifted to the door, some stamped their buds off. Seeing Draven, they sighed and relighted their cigarettes. Draven passed them and sat under the shade.

While Draven was having his lunch, a couple of goths from the group, drew closer to him.

The girl said "Hey what's your name? I'm Dominique and this is my brother Anton."

Dominique had black hair with blue highlights and dark mascara highlighted her deep, blue eyes.

And her brother Anton, sported a dark, red t-shirt within his leather jacket and black jeans. His red sneakers squeaked as he stepped forward to shake Draven’s hand.

So far, only her brother dressed like a normal guy.

Draven stared at their friend’s clothes and internally cussed them 'Lame, seriously all black. Are they attending a funeral?'

Vernon said “Like as if you have the right to talk?”

“Shut up, oldie!”

On the outside, Draven said with a smile "I'm Draven. Do you want me to move?"

Anton spoke ahead of his sister, he said "No, that's not the reason. my sister..."

His sister nudged him with her shoulder. Anton got her message and said "I mean we wanted to ask, if you would like to join us?

Draven was a bit sceptical, said "Sure"

Dominique's face brightened, she tried masking it but was too late for Draven had already saw it. He lowered his guard and joined them. They weren't exactly like he expected them to be. As Draven expected them to be all bleh and gloomy.

They were friendly, but were a pretty rebellious group. They did this either for attention or to teach their over controlling parents a lesson.

Hearing their stories, Draven felt that they were somewhat alike. Overall, they were nice and had a good chat. They even offered him a cigarette, which he declined.


The final school bell rang, signifying the end of school. Hearing the final bell, everyone sighed in relief. Draven stayed still, in his seat, watching his classmates.

Some ran out as soon the bell rang. Others took their own sweet time, packing their bags while they talked with their buddies before they left. The rest like him, silently left the class alone.

He exited the school building, while he walked out, his eyes saw a couple of Osborne's goons on the way. Unlike any other day, for a change they didn't bother him. They fearfully looked at Draven as he passed, they kept their distance.

Draven sighed. He was hoping for some trouble to flex his muscles, he laughed. Drawing odd looks from the students passing by.

He walked out of the wide school doors and waited on the shaded area of the fountain. Feeling bored he whistled.


His personal communicator notified him of a new message. He raised his wrist and clicked it. A holographic text displayed above the device.

Sender: Unknown

'Hi, it's me Heather. What are you doing?'

[Accept or delete]

Well, the personal communicator was like a smartphone or a computer in a form of a bracelet. Everyone had a device like this around their wrists. It also served as a person's Id. Making it easier to travel and buy stuffs using digital currencies.

Draven added Heather to his rather friendless contacts on his com. The only people who call him are his mother or sisters, sometimes his brother. but most of them came from his Aunt Lisa and Abby.

Draven opened the chat with Heather's name and wrote a reply using a HIP, short for Holographic Interface Pen.

Draven: Hi, I'm waiting for Abby to drop me. And you?

A second later, the com beeped.

Heather: I'm on my way home. In my new BMW car.

Heather: Why can't I grow up faster?

Draven: Growing up is overrated... Too much work

Heather: True, but I want to feel my car and drive like Rosita Laracroft

Draven: You mean Rosita, the famous female racer 'Goodluck emoji'

Heather: What you mean by Goodluck?

Draven: I mean your dad!

Heather: Yeah, that meany, he always ruins my fun! ‘Angry emoji’

Draven 'He just wants to keep you safe'


Draven looked up, Abby waving him from her hovering suv.

Heather: Enough with my dad.

While Heather was still typing, he closed his com and got in her car, taking the front seat; the vehicle moved. 

Abby said "What was holding you back, squirt?"

Draven replied "I met Heather today. I was texting her"

Abby pensively said "Oh, that girl" steering the wheel, she pressed a few buttons, the car rise up and flew off.

Draven said "What's wrong?"

Abby sighed "I don't know why but I just feel uneasy with her family.”

Draven said "Why? They seem like nice people”

"I have no idea, let’s forget about them.”


“Let's talk about your love life"

His lips pressed into a hard line, said "No, please Abby!"

Abby said "Oh yes please.... You promised Drakey!"

Draven said "Alright but please, don't call me Drakey!"

Abby chucked, said "So, what's going on with you and Karisa?"


Abby said "Nothing doesn't always mean it's nothing!"

Draven gave in and shared everything between him and Karisa.

Abby pretended to act like one of those love experts on television, he said "What do you think? I can feel that she likes me. but it's too early to say!"

Addy nodded "Yes, good. No matter how much a person likes you. You have to not be too pushy or direct with your feelings in the beginning. otherwise, she might think of you as an easy target and not value you later on in a relationship."

Draven said "So, I have to act more mysterious?”

Addy said "Yes and no. more mysterious is better but not too much otherwise they might assume that you are already dating someone or don’t them"

Draven nodded while she continued blabbering.

Addy then concluded "A relationship can only work, when both partners love and understand each other."

Draven said "Ok, thanks Addy. What do you think about Karisa?"

Abby smiled, said "She is a nice one. And I think her feelings for you run a bit deep. As an experienced woman, I can sense that she likes you even before you guys met"

“But I don’t remember seeing her before other than today!” Draven said, scratching his earlobe.

The car stopped in front of his apartment.

"Oh thanks for everything Addy. But you forgot to get me a change of clothes!" Draven faked his anger.

Abby laughed, lightly punched his shoulder. "You are already so handsome; I was worried that you might steal all of the girls’s hearts"

Abby kissed Draven's cheek goodbye, said "Take care of yourself and don't rush it with Karisa!”

“Oh, and Heather, just keep a distance from her."

He stepped out of the car, said " Sure, thanks for the advice!"

Draven waved goodbye; watching her steer the car away.


Dear readers, I hope you like my book so far. It will get more exciting as progress further into the story! Full of twists and turns! Previous #WPC winner from Webnovel.

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