Finals: Inner Weapon

Fire swirled around his legs, Draven stepped forward, leaving trails of puddles in his path. Pablo slowly picked himself. Draven stood over him, said. "Pablo, face it you are finished!" 

"I am finished?" Pablo snickered while he bended to pick his axe and said. "How can you say I am finished when I haven't even played my next card?" 

Draven's eyebrows lifted in alertness, "What?" and stepped back. 

Poison radiated from his pores, his armour melted down to his legs, glowing a radioactive light. 

A sudden dread hit his core. Draven stepped back and lifted a hand to his face. Pablo radiated a blinding light. He laughed with head back, "Time for you see my full strength!"

Draven ran away and shouted, "Osborne, retreat! Retreat!"

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