Finals: Bitter Battle

"Just do it," Draven shouted. They hesitated before they clicked forfeit. A light befell and teleported them out.

"Now let's fight!" Pablo flexed his gamma muscles and his feet launched himself forward with a powerful shock wave, adding cracks to the ice. 

In a blink of an eyes, he shot from one point with an outstretched fist. Draven dropped to a roll. A leg flew to Draven's face. Fire rocketed his soles to the sky. He swayed his sword and shot beams of energy. 

Pablo sprung into the air, the rays deflected off his chest and from his eyes; he shot gamma rays. 

Draven tilted his body away and countered with a freeze ray. Draven thought. 'I need to figure out a way to defeat him without contaminating myself.' 

Draven asked. "Vernon. Does life force absorption work on radio
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