Reading the announcement, the viewers blinked and suddenly bursted into cheers, holographic fireworks exploded in the air.

A light appeared in the dugout, Osborne stood before them with a weak smile. "I did it!"

His teammates turned around and pounced, his head went ditsy and Osborne fell on the bench. Dowsing their mood with a bucket of cold water. Coach said. "Guys, give him some space, he is just beat" 

"But sir??" 

Coach assured them with a smile. "Don't worry, he is okay. He just needs time to recover by the time we have to go and claim the cup!" 


Chad tugged his jacket, said "Sir, aren't you forgetting the group picture?"

"Oh, yeah..." Coach said, stumped by his situation, he pondered and said. "Maybe, Draven will be fine!" 

"Yes, come one let go see Draven!!" Chad shouted, and like a mob the students pushed Coach along with them. 

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