On a funnel of space and light creates a wondrous image, as millions and millions of extra-terrestrial bodies compete, pushing themselves past the obscurity of the distance and the darkness of the space. In a void, a silver blimp flashed through the cluster of rocks. Cannons on the sides rotated and fired. Thousands of rays converged and struck the ginormous space rock. It exploded into thousands of fragments.

The ship heaved itself through the cloud of dust, particles ticketed against the surface, drumming on the screen of glass. He tilted his head back, dishevelling his golden hair against the glass as his body spasmed into a chuckle. "Hehe, that was a good one. " A finger flicked the photo across the holographic screen to the next one. Pride refracted in his jay-blues while he appraised the moment. He hummed in remembrance. A crystal cup lifted above his head, sparking brilliance between him and his team, while a girl kissed his cheek under the rain of confetti.

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