Chapter 34

Of course things couldn’t go smoothly.  Declan was pacing outside in the early dawn hours, awaiting the return of his pack, finally within telepathic range - he could hear Kobi and Liz’s thoughts if they reached for him, and Marcus’s mind had long since reached his awareness as a wordless, aching bruise.  The latter was particularly worrisome because Declan couldn’t otherwise contact Marcus, but with the two vehicles in contact with one another, everyone was aware of the fact that Marcus hadn’t woken up yet.  The soft agony of his sleeping thoughts was hard to take, and Declan was almost frantic with the need to soothe it - and to soothe Liz and Kobi, too.  The two Betas were legitimately good people, but they weren’t saints, and were therefore still understandably shaken by what their new Omega had done to them.  

But things suddenly got more complicated when Liz and Kobi’s thoughts sparked with panic, and th

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