Chapter 35

Declan woke up with a lava-hot migraine and the smell of cedar and vanilla in his nose.  He groaned, found his movement impeded on all sides, but was too groggy to be properly worried about that - and when he cracked his eyes open to bare slits and turned his head, he saw Koby sitting behind him.  There was a pillow beneath Declan’s head and he’d apparently moved so that he was lying on his side on the bed, Koby at his back and sitting up against the headboard like a sentinel.  A torpid blink in the other direction (the room feeling entirely too bright) showed Liz in front of him.

And when Declan followed her eyes downwards a bit, he saw that Marcus was in his arms, stretched out now and human, lips slightly parted and one knee pressing against Declan’s thigh as the Omega moved a bit in his sleep.  Catatonia had given way to a more natural unconsciousness, and Declan let out a sigh that sounded like he’d been holding it a while - pe

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