Chapter 38

The disappearance of Simon Roen signaled the beginning of the end of the prosecution’s case against Marcus.  While Simon continued to make himself suspiciously scarce, more evidence began to unfold, until quite a picture became obvious: Marcus had been drugged by the same substance that had been in his pack’s systems, making it incredibly unlikely that he’d been doing any killing, and more likely that whoever had killed his pack had also incapacitated him; something definitively fishy had gone on at the time of Marcus’ escape from custody, because while Marcus stated that he’d run when someone had forgotten to handcuff him, the official record actually said that the escape had been done by force.  Nothing was adding up.  Holt was trying to track down the guard who had been responsible for Marcus at the time of his escape from custody, but apparently that guard had quit some time ago with no forwarding address.  Holt’s hunting paid off in another sector, though: t

Purple Cashinx

methinks some discoveries are about to be made (by Marcus, by Declan... probably by Holt, too, if he plays his cards right)

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