Chapter two

I wake up to a very feminine smell clouding my senses. It smells so good and addictive. I sniff the sheets beside me sleepily drowning in the smell.

"Thank God you are awake." A beautiful feminine voice startles me. I quickly open my eyes to a sight every man would dream to wake up at.

Her bare back is to me with her entire backside on display. I remember how things escalated from one passionate kiss in a car to long forgotten coffee in her kitchen to her room. I could replay last night to the best of my knowledge.

I am not surprised when I realise the morning wood I am sporting under the sheets. It has been long since I last had very addicting sex with any woman. Last night's sex is the best sex I have had in a while.

Della is combing her hair unbothered by my leer look at her bare ass. I spot a tattoo on her rib side. The little heart tattoo looks like an outcome of wild teenage days. I don't judge her, I have scars of my own. The ink looks perfect on her skin that I envy it.

"Morning." I yawn.

"Did you sleep well?" Della glances at me. I should stop staring at her ass cheeks, they remind me so much of last night and that is not helping.

"The best night." I murmur sitting up.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"Seven, I should be at work in thirty so you better get that ass up and dress up." she orders. It hits me what day it is and how long I am left with before I arrive late for work.

I kick out of the covers quickly. There isn't a trace of my clothes on the floor.

"If you are looking for your clothes, they are up at the hanger in the wardrobe." she directs. I walk faster to the wardrobe only to see them neatly hang with her other clothes. They look so foreign in her wardrobe.

Suddenly I feel her near me and my assumption is right because she reaches for a short black pencil skirt and a white button up. Her presence makes me stiffen uncomfortably. Last night was better than I imagined but that is all it can be. One night of pure bliss, wasn't that the definition of a one night stand?

"Can I use your bathroom?" I ask. She nods putting on her clothes. I sigh as soon as I reach the bathroom. What have I done? I just slept with the hottest woman and I don't even know how to handle it. I have always been good at handling such situations but not today. Sleeping with Della looks like I stepped into a new territory.

When I emerge from the bathroom, Della is already dressed up.

"Do you mind if I ask what your job is?" I ask carefully.

"I am a dentist at St. Andrew's hospital." she replies coolly. I gape.

"Trust me I have seen that look countless times." she shrugs at my reaction.

"Come on Crescent, I need to leave in five." she mutters impatiently. I follow her outside the room into the living room which is generally spotless and beautifully designed. She picks up her car keys from the table leading me out. Della in no way looks like a dentist or behaves like one. I don't know how they even behave, perhaps weird and stuff but she is on another level of perfection.

"It was nice having you Crescent but I need to leave now. I can't keep my patients waiting. I trust you can find your way home." Della pecks my cheek before stepping into her car and driving away. Her behavior tells everything I need to know. One one night stand isn't her first rodeo. Same for me but she handles it better than I do. I still can't wrap a finger around how everything went down.

Unfortunately I make it to office half an hour late. I ignore the curious stares thrown my way by my employees. The only thing I hope is that my dad doesn't get wind of the rumor. In the afternoon, I hear a knock at the door. My personal assistant Judie enters immediately.

"Sir, I have got the tickets you ordered." she says.

"Thank you Judie." I get them from her before she exits the office.

I ordered the tickets to to Henley's favorite show last week. I wanted to surprise her when she returned. She always told me how her mother and her loved opera. They used to attend it when she was still young. Going to this show gives us sometime alone. That is an opportunity to show her how much she means to me. Pressing her number, I dial it. She picks up on the second ring.

"Crescent?" she asks her voice hesitant. I think my words over so I don't splitter. I need this conversation to go smoothly and fine.

"How are you doing Henley?" I ask.

"I am fine. I didn't get to say farewell yesterday night. Brad suddenly felt ill." I hate when she has to make excuses for the bastard.

"That is fine. What are you doing tonight?" I ask nervously.

"I have a date with Brad. Why do you ask?"

My heart cracks. Just when I think I can get a chance with her, freaking Brad interrupts.

"I just had these tickets to the opera the one your mom loved. I was hoping  you would go with me." I mutter lowly trying to hide my disappointment.

"Crescent, I hate opera. It is my mother who liked it." That sounds so weird because I remember how she used to talk so passionately about opera.

"O...okay." I splutter.

"Sorry Crescent. I hope you find another person to go with." she murmurs.

When I hang up, I feel that same ache I felt months back when she decided to choose her dream over me. I feel a sudden urge to hit something. She like opera. She had told me herself. What had changed? Tonight she had a date with Brad, how convenient.

I employ breathing exercises to calm myself. I look down at the tickets before I grab them from the table. Before I tear them ruthlessly, a card catches my attention. When I lift it in my hands, I realise it belongs to Della King, dentist at St Andrews hospital. She slid it in my coat when she pecked my cheek.


My heart tells me to do the thing my brain opposes me to. When I dial the number on the card, it fortunately goes through. I wait in anticipation and anxiety for the other voice at the end of the line.

"Della King speaking," she picks up voice rehearsed.

"Hey Miss Della. Crescent Armstrong requesting for your attention please." I resist a giggle.

"Crescent?" she asks surprised.

"The one and only." I reply too enthusiastically.

"I didn't expect you to call so fast." she states.

"And neither did I. Are you busy right now?" I ask.

"Just taking off a five minute break before another patient." she replies.

"I wanted to ask you if you are free tonight." I grit my teeth nervously. A short silence follows before she grunts a yes.

"There is an opera show tonight. I was wondering if you could join me." I wait patiently. I didn't even asks if she loved opera. When did i become such a jerk?

"Did you just say opera?" she mutters voice high pitched.

"Yes, if my brain serves me right." I frown.

"Oh my God! I love opera. I didn't get chance to buy a ticket before they got sold out." she sadly says.

"You are in luck because I have one with me. Are you in?" I ask excited.

"Count me in already." she says.

"I will pick you up then." I murmur.

"Okay. I have to go Crescent. My patient is here." she hangs up.

A huge smile plasters on my lips by the time I hang up. Who knew a dentist would be an opera lover too?

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