Chapter three

I reach her house at exactly seven. Punctuality is one of my best virtues. The door flies open as soon as I knock at the door. The sight that meets my eyes is drool worthy.  I stop and stare for a moment not caring to be hideous. Can Della be any more sexy?

Suddenly all thoughts in my head have no plan of going to any opera but getting her back in, pin her against the door and get her out of the sexy red dress.

"How do I look?" she gives me a three sixty by spinning around. I swallow hard when my eyes find her plump ass in the dress. Oh dear Lord. I am a fully grown man, I should be able to control my libido.

"A..amazing, astonishing, sexy..."

"Okay prince charming. I appreciate the compliments. How about we hit the road before it is late?" she winks before walking towards my car. Her sexy cat walk has me on a leash and all I am left to do is follow. I didn't know how sexy dentists can be but Della has shown me.

I open her door and rush to take my seat behind the wheel. I smile at her before igniting the engine and driving away.

"I appreciate you for joining me tonight." I say while I drive through the traffic.

"I will say it is a win win. I know you didn't buy the second ticket for me. Something tells me it was hers." Guilt washes over me suddenly.

"Guilty as charged." I admit with a sigh.

"Tell me Crescent." Damn, the way she calls my name. I glance her way.

"Why didn't she join you tonight?" she asks.

"She had a date." I answer plainly.

"Sucks big time." she mentions.

"Tell me about it."

"Della, I don't want you..."

"It doesn't matter Crecent. You don't need to feel guilty for inviting me. Wouldn't you rather the tickets go to use?" shesmiles. I nod.

"There, problem solved." I stare for a second wondering how she can be so positive about any situation.

"Why do you always have to read through me?" I ask curiously.

"You are that easy." she shrugs. It is always the same answer but now I doubt it. I don't think I am that easy. She just always finds a way to figure me out.

"I doubt that." I defend.

"Then call me psychic."

"Here I thought you are only a dentist." I joke.

"I am a dentist by profession but partly pychic." she giggles.

"I will take you for your word even though it is a lie."

"Partly it is not. I tried taking some psychic lessons." she says seriously.

"I should be careful with you, shouldn't I?" I smile.

"Whatever makes you happy."

We make it to the theatre just in time for the show. I can tell how excited Della is without her even saying a thing. I have never met someone so passionate about something like opera. We sit quietly through the whole show save for the often glances and smiles.

The show is great like I expected and by the time the music ends, an applause from the crowd follows.

"That was magnificent. I have missed attending opera in years now." Della says as we make our way out of the theatre.

"Why?" I ask.

"Sold out tickets and busy nights." she replies.

"An opera enthusiast?" I ask.

"Yes. My mom and I used to frequent the theatre when I was still young. Somehow it grew on me." she replies.

"How about you Crescent? Have you always been an opera enthusiast?" she asks.

"Not until I met Henley. She was so enthusiastic about it but I guess I was wrong." I huff.

"Why do you say so?"

"When I called her to join me, she said it was her mom who enjoyed it not her."

"Sounds like a bummer."

"It is. I have always been a good listener." I force a tight lipped smile.

"How about we grab a late night dinner?" I suggest.

"Perfect. I was about to suggest it myself." Della's eyes shines when she smiles. I drive to the nearest restaurant and in no time, we are seated down at a table.

We wait for our orders patiently as we discuss about the best part of the show. Della is a die hard for opera which is so rare for a girl with her personality. When we finish our main meal for dinner, we continue to the dessert that comprises of the vanilla bean cheese cake. Thankfully Della is not a messy eater. In fact she is one of the best people I have dined with.

"What inspired you to become a dentist?" I gaze. She glances at me before she returns to her cake.

"I know you still can't believe I am. Well the story is kind of funny and childish." Her words perk my attention.

"I never wanted to be someone who navigates people's mouths all day. I wanted to always be a chef or a barista. When I was twelve I escorted my mom and brother to the clinic. He had a bad tooth decay and it was terrifying." she narrates.

"So we waited for our appointment for hours meanwhile I saw how my brother was hurting. When it was our turn, it took only five minutes to remove the tooth and prescribe drugs. Before we left the doctor's office, I told my mom that I wanted to be a dentist. It it looked so easy. Little did I know the hustle to reach that level." she shrugs.

"Funny. I was brought up to be a C.E.O." she gazes at me.

"I would tell anyone who asked me what I wanted to be that I wanted to be a C.E.O. I would say it so proudly and guess what, that's who I became." I brag a little.

"How lucky Mr. C.E.O. Do you ever wish you would have chose another career?" Della asks.

"No. I am good at managing the company and I love it. I don't think I would trade it for anything. However if I would chose another career path, I would be a hockey player perhaps." I say.

"Hockey? Did you play in high school?" she asks.

"Captain of the team. It was fun back then but only for high school. After that, I concentrated on business." I love how attentive she is and how she is free to ask anything.

"I suffered in med school so much I thought I wouldn't make it. I almost gave up." Della mutters.

"Why didn't you?"

"Have you seen how good those scrubs look on doctors?" she chuckles.

"Scrubs? Is that the reason you didn't quit med school?" I quip with a grin.

"One reason actually. The other is because doctor sounded good before Della. Dr. Della."

I break out in a hysterical laugh. Della grins.

"I mean think about it. Don't you love being referred to as Mr. C.E.O?" she questions.

"I do." I reply honestly.

"And the pay is satisfying." she adds. I just can't with this woman.

When we leave the restaurant back to the car, I honestly wish the night would slow down. The drive back to her place is filled with the pop music Della tuned on the radio. When she starts singing to the lyrics, I can't stop looking at her. She is so beautiful in the most fascinating way. She has a beautiful voice too and from time to time, she keeps urging me to join.

Unfortunately I know none of the songs she is playing which leaves me to spectate. Does she knows how magnificent she looks at the moment? Her blue eyes keep alluring me into something deep, something that we both know is wrong.

When I halt the car in front of her house, she sighs.

"I had a lovely evening Crescent. I hope we could do this some other time if you like." Her voice breaks at the end.

"I would love to. Thanks for joining me tonight." I smile.

Our eyes meet and what I have been fearing since I started the engine from the restaurant surfaces. I thought it was going to be so easy, drop her home and drive back to mine. When she looks at me with those sexy eyes and bites her lip, I want to stay there with her. I want to kiss her again and just take her to bed one more time.

I have to restrain from the temptation but it is just too much. Della murmurs a good night before she gets out of the car. I have to admit I haven't stopped thinking about her outside of  the dress. The first night was perfect, understandable but a second night would make things complicated.

I have to earn Henley's trust and sleeping with another woman doesn't justify that. Freaking Brad's face makes way to my mind. I don't want to think of him with her on a date. It drives me nuts to know he is the one who falls asleep and wakes up next to her.

"Della." I call. I shouldn't. It is so wrong. I am not going to justify me decision by blaming anyonecbut me. She stops fidgeting with the keys and looks back at me. I jog to her quickly. Her eyes meet mine once again and I feel the fiery feeling back in high gear. Before she says another word, I cover her lips with mine. She welcomes the contact like a starved woman.

Only God can revive me from temptation.

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