Chapter four

I could wake up like that every morning and not complain. I didn't wake up feeling akward as I thought I would feel. In fact it was rather productive. I woke up to Della's sneaky hands under the blanket and damn did it feel nice. Reliving the moments of last night this morning is the best thing that has happened the entire day.

And that is because right now I am stuck with my dad, Henley, her dad and stupid ass boyfriend playing golf.

"I heard about the alliance you have managed to make with the Chinese. That is such an achievement Crescent." George, Henley's father compliments. I am sure it is my father spreading all the rumour to him.

"I am glad I did too. The Chinese's alliance means a lot to the company." I reply.

"Brad got signed into Toronto Raptors, right honey?"

Did I forget to mention my new replacement is a six foot five douche who plays basketball. No wonder Henley fell for him. She has always had a thing for the bad boys. I would have lived down her flaunting her boyfriend
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