Chapter fourteen

Lunch was great and things went on smoothly between her parents and I even after that conversation with her dad. That wasn't the climax of the day though. While Della and her dad caught up, I remained with Susan talking about her upcoming show. The conversation was good until she cut in with a sharp question.

"You and my daughter are not dating, I get it. However Crescent, do you see yourself dating my daughter in the future?" I don't understand how far that future she meant was.

"Your daughter is..."

"Don't beat around the bush boy. Just answer the question." It was a tough question to answer.

"No. I would if the situation was different." she gazes quietly.

"Does that mean there is someone else?" Susan cocks a brow.

"Yes. She is my ex fiancé."


"We were until she broke our engagement six months back."

"I see. Where does my daughter fit in your equation Crescent if you are still in love with this ex-fiancé?" Susan raises a brow. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life

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