Chapter eighteen

The whole ride to the airport has been super chill and quiet except for the soft music playing on the radio. Della has been busy reading something on her phone while texting away. She told me it was something about some patient.

I on the other hand have been divulging into my head like a freaking cave man. Since the other night Della took me to dinner, I haven't been myself. That day, I realised something I hadn't taken time to notice. It is something that scares me. It sounds so pathetic but it is the truth.

Could this have become more than sex and I hadn't realised?

Heck no! It can't. Della sees me as her fuck buddy nothing else. At least she has made it clear everytime we speak about it were she stood with all this. For fuck sake she convinced me to embark on our agreement after her parent's visit when I wanted to end it.

Perhaps I am losing my mind over something small. I know how my heart pounded that night. I know how empty I felt when she left for her house. I realised the feeli
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