Chapter twenty

Della and I can't stop laughing about whatever just happened back there in that room and then with her mom. The look of disgust on her face when I opened the door almost made me want to cringe in guilt.


Susan's curt look cut Della off. "Did you two have sex in there because I swear..."

"We didn't." I cut her quick. Susan's nose scrunched further in disgust as she assessed us.

"So you were about to?" she raises a brow.

"If you hadn't interrupted, yes." Della fought back a smile that threatened to escape from her lips.

"You two are disgusting. At least you should first take my dress off. I don't want it smelling like wild sex."

I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. "What the hell is wrong with this generation?" she muttered as she walked away.

"And please no sex before the party ends. I don't want my daughter ending up in a nudist column "Her comment made us up break out in giggles.

After the cock block from Susan, we decided to mingle for sometime at the party before we bot
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