Chapter twenty one

I am a second away from murdering the woman in front of me or so God help me.

"Are you serious right now Henley?" I glare.

"I know how stupid it sounds Crescent but the rumor wasn't true. The girl in the photo was a crazy fun who stalked him to his room."

It sounds ridiculous hearing it again.

"Jesus Henley! Can't you see the kind of person he is. He doesn't deserve you." I spit. She frowns.

"And you do?" Henley raises a brow at me.

"Sorry but maybe I do." I roar.

"You are ridiculous Crescent. Brad is innocent and I am not going to pin your insecurities on him." she retorts. I could punch a hole in a wall right this instant. Three fucking days I have spent with Henley and no phone calls from the bastard. He does one small thing as a public pity apology and she is ready to take him back. It angers me even thinking about it

"I hate to say this Henley but he doesn't deserve you and when he hurts you again, don't say I didn't tell you." I mutter calmy.

"Thanks Crescenf for letting me
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