Bound to the Alpha
Bound to the Alpha
Author: N Chandra

Lisa's woes

The teacher droned on and on as Lisa spaced out. It was her final year of high school, only a month remained, and she couldn't be happier to get out of the place. She had always been quiet, so she didn't make friends easily, but more than that, she hated everyone in that God-forsaken hellhole.

Today was worse than usual. She had a lot on her mind, and couldn't even remotely pay attention to what was being taught. It was her 18th birthday in two days, she would become legal. Not that anyone cared. Her junkie mother probably didn't even remember her birthday. However, Lisa was excited, she could leave that hellhole that was her home. Her mother had just gotten a new boyfriend, Jacob, and the man was a total asshole, to put it lightly.

She couldn't even be in the house with him without him screaming at her, and worst of all, her mother appreciated it. 

Lisa was the product of a single-parent home, a mother who spent her days working minimum-wage jobs trying to keep food on the table and clothes on their back. Not to mention, she also had a drug problem.  

Hence, she thought Jacob was a Godsend father figure and constantly thanked him for giving her daughter the much-needed discipline she deserved. 

The bell rang and Lisa sighed, she just wanted to go home and fall into her bed. She hadn't gotten much sleep the past week and was dreadfully tired, but she knew Jacob would be there. Her phone beeped and she looked down. Her face broke into a smile when she saw it was from her boyfriend Steve. He was on the football team and was literally one of the school Gods. She was surprised when he had asked her out about six months ago. He was tall, blonde, and so handsome that he was almost pretty.  Usually, most of her classmates ignored her. So, it was a surprise when the popular jock asked her out. Initially, she had thought that he was just messing with her. But his constant persistence had finally melted her heart.

“I have practice today, want to hang out after that?” His message read. She giggled and replied “yes”.

Maybe Steve was planning a birthday surprise for her? She thought.

“Hey babe, my good luck charm has finally arrived,” Steve shouted to her as she walked into the school football field. She blushed and waved at him. She settled down in one of the pews and watched the boys sweat it out in the field.

“I don't understand what he sees in her,” the familiar sugary voice broke her reverie, and Lisa knew who it was.

It was Vickie, who was one of the most popular girls in her high school.  It didn't help that she was practically the American stereotype of feminine perfection--blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect figure, the works.

While Lisa was a misfit, Vickie was the school Goddess. It's not that Lisa was unattractive. She had a pretty face, surrounded by long chestnut curls. She was tall with a slim body, but she just preferred to remain out of the limelight. Lisa ignored the voices and kept looking ahead.

“She dares to come here while we have practice!” 

“Trailer Trash,” Allison giggled.

“What else do you expect from a hoe like her,” one of her chums mocked.

Lisa clenched her fists and closed her eyes, she was in no mood to get into a fight. Vickie hated her and never left an opportunity to bully her, especially after Steve and she had started hanging out. Lisa avoided confrontation because nobody would believe her, Vickie was the daughter of a rich benefactor, while Lisa was a poor student on scholarship.

“Hey, babe!” Steve's deep voice broke their chattering as he ran towards Lisa.

Signing with relief, she stood up. 

“I'll get changed, then let's leave after that. Where would you like to go?” He grinned at her, ignoring the envious glances of the cheerleaders.

“Anywhere,” Lisa replied, glad to get away from there.


An hour later, Steve drove the car to a suitable spot and pulled over into the layby. 

“Thanks for the dinner,” she said, turning towards him.

He smiled, then he pushed back his seat and pulled her close. They sat cuddling as close as the gear stick would allow. He gently kissed her lips. 

Soft music filled her ears as the lights from the dashboard cast shadows over his sharp features. She looked up into his eyes as his hand reached the waistband of her jeans and tugged at it.

“No, stop please.” She broke away from him, blushing red.

“Why Lisa? Don't you trust me?” He asked softly.

“I do, Steve, but… I am not ready….yet.” She said. 

He gave a frustrated sigh! “We have been dating for six months, don't you think we should take the next step ?” 

She bit her lip nervously, she did trust him, but she just wanted to wait until she turned 18. 

“Please don't be angry.” She pleaded.

His frown disappeared, "I am not angry babe, it's alright. Hey! Why don't you come down to my place this weekend? My folks are going out. We can relax by the pool.” 

Steve's parents were lawyers and often travelled interstate. He lived in one of the mansions on the upscale part of the town. She had been to his place a few times and was always overwhelmed. Her entire trailer home could fit into his living room!

“I can't Steve. Jacob has been in a bad mood this week. He screams at me if I am a minute late.” She said.

“Don't worry, we can hang out some other time.” Steve smiled.

“I must go, otherwise Jacob would raise a ruckus. See you later babe,” she placed a kiss on his lips and got out of his car. 

The shouting got louder as she approached her trailer home. Jacob and her mom were having another row, it was nothing new. Signing, she crept inside hoping to get into a corner without being noticed, which was hard in a tiny trailer.

“And where are you coming from?” Jacob snapped at her.

“School,” she squeaked. 

“Oh really?” He came near her, she wrinkled her nose in disgust as the pungent smell of the alcohol assaulted her senses. She knew the full extent of his evil when he got her mother to start hating her.

“Your daughter is a whore !” he shouted. “ Soon she would be knocked up by some stupid boy.”

“What did you just call me?” Lisa was shaking in anger. Her throat was suddenly in his vice-like grip. 

“Do not raise your voice, I know how to fix hussies like you.” There was a mad look in his eyes as he unbuckled his belt.

“Don't talk to your dad like that,” his mom sighed warily.

“He is not my father!" Lisa yelled before the belt struck her arm.

Panic hit her, Jacob never left an opportunity to hit her. 

“Get away from me! You fucking monster!” Lisa shouted.

“Lisa,” her mom said with a disapproving expression. “Don't talk to Jacob that way.” Her mother let her voice take on a sappy, hurt quality.

 “Then what else should I call him? I don't understand what you see in him.” Lisa snapped.

Her mother scoffed, “This child,” she complained to her husband, “Always so disrespectful. I almost blame myself.”

Jacob was quick to comfort her. “It wasn't your fault, dear,” he said as though Lisa wasn't even there, “Some children are just born bad.”

Lisa gave him a disgusting look and started to walk away.

“Don't walk away from me,” he shouted at her. He grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall, holding her neck in his grip. Lisa gasped to breathe. Her eyes widened with terror and glanced at her mother helplessly, “what did I ever do to deserve a daughter like you,” her mom said, lighting up a cigarette.

“Do you want me to break your neck?” He asked menacingly. His face was so near she could smell the alcohol and something nasty in his breath. His bloodshot eyes blazed with anger.

Lisa glared at her captor defiantly. “I hope you rot in hell, you evil son of a bitch!” she growled and spat at him for good measure. Jacob released his grip on her neck, throwing her head to the side. When she looked back at him, she got a glimpse of something moving towards her face at high speed, and then there was the familiar sickening *crack* of a fist connecting with her face.

The beating continued for an eternity. When it became apparent that Lisa was, was about to pass out, he stopped. He was probably just bored.

She crumpled on the floor shuddering in pain. He hit her another couple of times, then stopped.

"This will teach you respect," he mumbled and walked away. Curling into a ball, she shivered against the cold floor. 

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hoe is a gardening tool. The accepted written expression of this ultimately passive/ aggressive, lazy abbreviation is 'ho'
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Christine Grijalva
Some buddy needs to beat him up !
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Bella Jersey
Oh dear lord to imagine a child surviving this

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