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“I took language class in school, I like old dead languages.” She said, making him chuckle.

“What else do you like?” He couldn't help being curious about his mate. He had asked her on a date to pacify his wolf, who getting antsy. He was still not sure if he would claim her just yet.

“Track sport, books.....and….,” she was going to say to Steve but then stopped. She had been so busy thinking about the mysterious Ruben that she had forgotten all about Steve's betrayal. He had not called her, even though it was her birthday. She sighed and brushed away that thought. Tonight she wouldn't think about this though, tonight she was going to enjoy and let loose. She eyed Ruben slyly, maybe get rid of her V card as well.

“Did Jacob trouble you?” Ruben asked suddenly, breaking her reverie.

“No! The money was enough to shut him up, thank you for saving my life and my hide.”

“I told you helping others is my thing,” he chuckled.

 She took a deep breath as they approached the club. The car stopped in an upscale area of the city. She spotted the burly bouncers at the entrance and asked Ruben.

“Wait, do they allow high school students? I am not yet 21.” She asked frantically.

He snorted,” you don't have to worry about that. Told you it's popular among the young crowd.”

She adjusted her dress as she climbed out of the car, suddenly feeling self-conscious. This was one of those places where her school meat heads hung out. What if she bumped into one of them?

Again it seemed like Ruben read her mind and snaked his arm around her tiny waist.

They approached the entrance, ignoring the queue. The bouncers almost bent over backwards to let them in. No one asked for her ID.

When they stepped inside, The music was blaring, the lights were low. Inside, the club was dark with neon lights creating a surreal atmosphere. The lights spelt out things like, “HOT,” “LOVE,” “PASSION,” “DANCE,” “MUSIC,” all words meant to set the mood for the evening. Several people were grinding against each other on the dance floor.

Ignoring the dance floor and the bar, Ruben headed straight towards the VIP private booths in the corner.


Andrea Montrose's friend and the pack beta Melissa was waving her over frantically. If she didn't know her as she did, she would have thought the place was under attack or something. Making her way through the crowd, though 'crowd' was putting it nicely tonight, she slowly made her way to the bar she was tending to.

“What's up, guys?” 

Melissa and Katie looked at each other bashfully, then back to Andrea.

“Guys? Somebody wants to speak up?” She looked at the betas and couldn't help smiling at the way they were acting. They sure kept her life interesting.

“Well, we were just wondering about something.” Melissa Kavanaugh was the first to speak.


“We were wondering if you know about the girl Alpha just arrived with?”

She laughed. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”

“Your brother, our Alpha Ruben, just arrived with a mystery girl over there. Who is she?” Bridgette Harrison said, pointing in the direction of the VIP booths?

“What? Ruben came here? In this club, with a girl? Like a date? He hates this place as it's always full of teenagers.” Andrea said, shocked, then turned towards the booth. The place was so crowded tonight, she could barely get his sniff over others. No wonder she missed.

Yup, they were right, Ruben was sitting there with a girl, a beautiful human girl.

“Any idea who is she?” Katie asked.

“Guys, just because I own the place, doesn't mean I know every person who enters through those doors or that I make every patron of the joint sign in at the door.”

“Yeah, but you so could,” Melissa stated. 

“Yes, very true, but I'm not a dictator here. Ruben hasn't told me anything about that mystery girl, and I don't remember when he last went on a date with a human. Maybe a decade ago.” 

Who was she indeed? She was one of those things you just couldn't stop looking at.

“Come on, you could use your powers for evil just this once. You know, go over there, and find out something, he is your brother after all.” Katie quipped. Since Ruben was their Alpha, and his decisions would impact the future of the pack, it was natural that others were interested in that mystery girl.  Ruben had so far resisted all mating attempts, so it was rather astonishing to see him on a date with a human girl.


Lisa sat down and was immediately handed a menu. A waiter appeared to place her napkin on her lap. My, what service, she thought while smiling her thanks.

“Would you like to order a drink now ?” the waiter asked Ruben while yet another waiter, also handsome, poured glasses of water.

 “No, thanks, just water for now,” Ruben said and dismissing them. The omegas bowed and left.

Sipping her water, Lisa surreptitiously looked around. He was right, the club catered to the mostly young crowd. She picked up the menu and saw many offerings in beef and pork and lamb and more meat dishes. She wasn't a vegetarian, but how much meat could one place offer? Furthermore, she put the menu down with a sigh.

“Don't like anything here?” Ruben asked.

“No, it's fine, it's a nice place.” She smiled. Maybe a nice hearty meal would remove her nervousness. She thought. She sighed and picked up her menu. A petite sirloin sounded nice with sautéed mushrooms and a side salad.

A while later, she found herself eating and chatting easily with him. He was very inquisitive and wanted to know everything about her, which wasn't much.

“ Hello there,” a pretty girl, with sparkly green eyes same as Ruben, arrived near their table. 

Lisa looked at her curiously as the tall, brunette smiled at her and Ruben.

“You didn't introduce me to this little friend of yours?” She addressed Ruben.

He looked slightly annoyed,” We didn't get to that part, did we?”

“No. We didn't,” she smiled at Lisa,” hi I am Andrea Montrose, Ruben's sister.” She grinned.

Lisa smiled back and introduced herself politely. She felt an unexpected relief that the pretty girl was Ruben's sister, not that it mattered, but it was still satisfying. Andrea waved her hand and a pretty waitress arrived with a bottle of wine and placed the bottle in front of her.

“Your drinks are on the house tonight, alright?”

She smiled and laughed.

“Now get out there and have some fun, that's what you came to do. Right?”

“Thanks, Andrea, but we were just talking,” Ruben replied.

'Go away,' he said in her mind.

'Not until you tell me what's going on.' Andrea replied.

'I will tell you later, now buzz off.' He warned her. 

Andrea rolled her eyes and said.” I have to get back to work, enjoy.”

She gave another smile to Lisa and walked off.

“You didn't tell me your sister works here?” Lisa asked.

“She owns this place, actually,” he said while pouring her some drink in her wineglass. Lisa recalled that this place didn't serve alcohol, but then what the heck!

“ Happy Birthday!” He raised a toast.

Lisa blushed, she had never felt this relaxed in a long time. It was then that she noticed one of the couples sitting close to the stage.

'Shit, is that Steve, that fucking asshole?' She thought.

It was indeed Steve with his new girlfriend, Vicky, along with the usual popular crowd from the school. Lisa could tell they had been here for quite some time by the number of drink glasses on their table. They both were acting quite loud.

Steve was really in the bag, more so than Vickie, obviously enjoyed her antics and whooped his approval with each time she said something. Vickie pulled Steve onto the dance floor, and soon their friends were bouncing on the balls of their feet, electrified by the atmosphere of the club. Along with the pulsating vibes of the people on the dance floor, Lisa felt the pull of something else. 

'I need to fix that asshole for what he did to me.' She thought.

She turned towards Ruben and gave her most flirtatious smile,” would you like to dance with me?”

He raised an eyebrow,” certainly,” He replied.

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I don’t like that she should’ve told him. Ruben would of loved helping her
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