Lisa breathed with relief as soon Ruben left the room. She just wanted to get out of that place and forget about everything, she cursed the day she met Ruben. Her heart tugged a little at the thought of leaving him. But she couldn't stay, he was mysterious and who knows, even dangerous. Determined, she caught her sandals in her hands and looked for her purse. She found it on another chair and noticed that she had several missed calls on her phone from her mom.

She left a brief message for her mom, telling her she was fine and stayed back at a friend's place to study. She was on the way home and then decided to call a cab, but she had no idea where she was. Thankfully, she was smart and knew how to use technology. She searched Google Maps to find her current location. She was surprised to see that the house was on the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere. However, she managed to call a cab company and asked him to arrive at the nearest place she could recognize near the r

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Tonie Sledge
Well at least he can sense her. It’s a good thing they are marked. Why couldn’t she wait just a few minutes to talk with him?

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