It's finally over

 Dorcas got the chance to hit Ruben on his shoulder. Ruben was not anticipating the action and was jerked away, slamming into the far tree. The wind was knocked out of him, and he was gasping for breath.

“Clever dog,” Dorcas said.

Ruben started to stand up, but felt a hand around his neck, lifting him in the air. He knew that Dorcas could beat him on brute strength, and he needed to think fast. He put his hands against the tree trunk and brought his knees to his chest, using all his force to shove them in Dorcas's chest. It worked and he was released. 

Taking advantage of the rain, he threw a fist and connected with Dorcas's face. He fell to the ground and Ruben started to kick him. It didn't take long for Dorcas to grab hold of his foot and flip Ruben down on his back. Ruben was on the ground looking up at the monster.

“That wasn't very nice,” Dorcas roared.

Dorcas darted away with speed, b
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Vannesa Crotzer
Thank you for the chapter- can’t wait for more!

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