The end for now

There werewolves and vampires in the room. Lisa's scarlet dress clung to her figure snugly, making her appear more shapely. Ruben spun her across the dance floor, bringing her through unfamiliar moves. She admired the way he made it appear as though she knew what she was doing.

She felt a sting as his gaze shifted away from hers. Everyone kept reminding her that this night was all about her, but it was also partly about him. He was her mate, and she had been increasingly aware since the transformation that it was in his nature to desire the best for her and the pack. He wanted to talk business with the Alphas of the other packs because he was surrounded by them, but he was stuck with her.

"So, who is the blue-shirted gentleman?" Lisa inquired.

Ruben answered with a deep growl that she wouldn't have heard a few weeks before. He was still a little possessive of her.

Ruben said, "Lucian. He's the Crimson Shadow Pack's Alpha. They are from Florida. We don

N Chandra

This is a last chapter. I had fun writing this story. I might add an epilogue or bonus chapter later on. But for now it's the end :)

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Aurora WindDancer
this story is soooo good!! loved every page of it!
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Kisha Denney
love love love this book.
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Sara Falck
Oh man !!!! I hope we get a bonus chapter !!!! I loved this story !!!!
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