Naglahad siya ng kamay para tulungan akong makababa sa kalesa. We were silent until we reached to the door of my room. He opened the door for me and looked at me for a minute before he finally opened his mouth to say something.

"What do you want do tomorrow?" he asked me.

"Will you be busy tomorrow?" I asked him. I want to be with him, but I don't to bother him if he's busy.

"I'm going to examine the books tomorrow after breakfast." he told me.

"I'm going with you." I told him.

Wala naman kasi akong gagawin. I am a stranger to this place. Well actually only known as Fauve's lover or something like that.

"Sure you can," sabi niya sa akin.

We cuddled until I felt sleepy.

"I saw how baddass you were while fighting them. That was hot." He whispered while he's caressing my hair to make me feel more sleepy. Alam na alam niya kung paano ako paantukin.

"Oh yeah? I never ever thought I could survive that." I chuckled a bit.

"You were so protective. I feel so honored." He said.

"I just can't a
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