Chapter 13: Epilogue - A Total Rewrite

Rachel, long time editor and friend to authors, let herself into the empty apartment, looking around sadly. 

“You really had to go and get hit by a car right before you finished your last book?” She laughed, a lonely sound in the dark living space. “I bet that pissed you off. You were so excited about the ending.” 

Looking around, she couldn’t help but slump a little. She knew the manuscript wasn’t finished, otherwise she would have gotten the celebratory text. That left her with the headache of publishing an unfinished book or asking someone else to contribute. 

Maybe I’ll luck out and she was almost completely done. 

She turned a corner into the office and stopped with a gasp. She couldn’t help the dramatic reaction, however, the sight greeting her was truly shocking!

A thick finished manuscript sat on the desk

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