The Werewolf King

Landon sat on his seat,waiting for the Alpha kings arrival.

His eyes landing on Thora,who stood beside him in his chosen dress.

A small maid dress ,with it's hem barely covering her ass. The blouse tight,highlighting her thin yet perfect figure.

"You are to serve them the drinks and food. No mistakes will be tolerated. Am I clear?"

She nods ,not in the mood to fight with him after the punishment last night.

The whip marks still fresh on her back.

"Good. Now come here."

He says with a smirk and she already knew what this was about.

Grabbing her from her waist,he makes her land on his lap.

Before she could react,he has crashed his lips on her.

Thrashing was no use,she was used to his behaviour till now.

Laying still ,she allows him to kiss her.

But then all of sudden,her weak wolf thrashed in her mind and she started pushing him back.

This was not right,she doesn't feel right.

Landon leaves and smirks looking at the entrance and that's when she felt her senses freeze all of a sudden.

No! This can't be.

Pinewood and rain fragrance hits her in full force and she clenched her fists.

"Greetings Alpha King!"

Landon spoke.

And that was it,her whole world collapsed right there.

The mate she thought would protect her ,has seen her kissing another man the very first time they met.

And what did he say? Alpha King? No he can't be....a powerful man like him... must be one of the other men in his council.

She didn't dared to look back. Her mind frozen.

His aura surrounding him in deadly waves,making her wish this ground to open and swallow her down.

The Alpha King didn't speak. His silence making her more easy.

Landon stares at her confused and then whispers in her ear, making her body to tremble.

"Turn around and greet the Alpha princess. He doesn't take disrespect lightly."

But she couldn't.

She can't see those eyes staring at her in hate.

She can't let her only hope of escaping this hell die.

Before she couldn't say another word,Landon's arm coiled around her waist and he turned her around.


He orders and she does,keeping her eyes to the floor.

She could feel a burning gaze on her and she knew then.

He would hate her .

"I have been waiting for you Sir. Please take a seat."

The Alpha didn't move , making her shift her weight from one leg to another.

Should I look up at him? Who is he? That's burning and suffocating...I have to look up...but I am an Omega...will it be considered disrespect.

She was debating in her mind when she felt a rough grip on her arm.

She flinched as Landon whispered in her ear.

"Get the drinks. Don't stand like a fool here."

And that's all she needed, without looking back at those burning eyes. She scurried down the hall, arranging for the starters.

Her heart beating heavily in her chest as she leans her head on the wall and tries to calm herself.


Volkan's pov

My eyes were fixed on the back of my mate. Which was bare in that filthy maid dress.

My fists clenched as my eyes went lower to see the tunic barely covering her ass.

"Alpha King , please have a seat"

The bastard speaks giving me a small smile.

Alpha Landon ,one of the strongest and well reputed Alpha's in our Kingdom.

I wanted to believe that he was a flirt ,who tried to lure my mate.

But his reputation said otherwise.

He was respected by all and no one has heard of him disrespecting girls.

It was either he was masking it well or he was really a genuine man.

But that kiss....he fucking kissed my mate and the worst part was that she didn't even pushed him.

Sitting down on the table,I take deep breaths to calm my wolf.

The very thought of our mate, loosing her virginity to some bastard making a fire of fury to burn in me.

Had she already betrayed me?

I have waited for her since so many years,yet she couldn't wait for me.

Sleeping around with other men to satisfy her heat?

The meeting progressed and my council members started discussing ,while I remain silent.

My mind lost in assumptions and betrayals.

When suddenly the door opens and her scent hits me before I see her.

So fucking addicting, yet impure and defiled.

Intermingled with this bastards. Have they fuck** today?

She steps forward,balancing a tray in her hands.

Her hands shaking as she walks with those high 4 inch heels,making her legs to look longer.

Her hair were veiling her face as I stared at those downcasted eyes.

Daring them to look at me. Her steps turned hasty and then all of a sudden Landon orders her, making her beautiful brown eyes to look at him.

"Hurry up "

He says and she again nods like an obedient pet, lowering her eyes to the floor.

My beast was struggling,seeing her getting ordered around like this. Her being so submissive to him like the bastard Landon owned her.

Fuck! I have to leave. My emotions are going out of control.

"Excuse me"

Pardoning myself ,I get up to leave when I almost crashed into her as I turned.


She shrieks in surprise. The champagne glasses shattering as they hit the floor and the sound of the tray hitting the floor, echoing in the corridor.

My breathing stopped for a second as I saw her staring at me.

Her innocent eyes meeting mine and my wolf going crazy in my mind.

Mate! Mate!

Her mouth opening and closing in shock as she realised who I was.

Her mate. The man she had already betrayed.

" sorry...I ..."

She stutters,her eyes looking innocent and beautiful.

If only she was as well.

She looks lower to stare at my tuxedo and next I know,she bravely takes a napkin from the table and dabs it on my chest, trying to clean the stain on my shirt.

" really...sorry...I was..not looking...."

Her fingers touch my chest and that's when what they call, the explosion of tingles blasted in full force.

She freezes and her hands stop.

As she looks up at me ,shocked and surprised while I stepped back, making hurt and pain flood through her innocent eyes.

Her fingers stopped in mid air and she clenched her hand.

While I continue to look at her in indifference and coldness.

"Thora! What the hell!"

Landon screams and she starts apologising again.

"Alpha...I beg pardon..she is -"

I barely show him my hand and he stops in between. She looks down at the broken pieces of glass, her hands fidgeting as she sits down to pick up them up and place them in the tray.

I look down at her picking up the broken pieces of glass near my feet and I see the other other men staring at her behind.

I clench my fist.

The pathetic excuse of her tunic was hiding nothing and my beast was infuriating.

I wanted to kill my own men because of her.


I have to leave. Side stepping her,I leave the meeting as murmurs follow behind me.

But I didn't cared.

I have to leave before my beast is unleashed and this place turns into a fucking bloodbath.

Going away from her scent,my senses calm down as I shift into my wolf , approaching the bordering forest.

My paws hit against the ground and the cold winds on my fur,calms my chaotic mind.

I have to meet her once, to know if she has really betrayed me.

And with this thought,I roar looking at the moon , making the ground to shake under my feet.

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