Thora's pov

I was trembling,like literally. The dirty utensils shaking in my hands as I cleaned them under the freezing water.

Surprisingly Landon didn't scold me or punish me after that small accident. 

But I guess that's because he was very busy in today's meeting.

My mate's grey eyes make a shiver run down my spine. And I move my head, trying to forget about him.

But who was I kidding. My mate was no ordinary man

He was the werewolf King.

King Volkan Knight

Gulping ,I clean the sweat on my forehead with my sleeve and place the last utensil in the utensil tray.

Done with my today's work.

Sighing I look up at the full moon , wondering what will my future hold.

He already hates me,I saw it in his eyes.

He thinks I have betrayed him,if only he knew the truth.

My mate is going to reject me.

This was the harsh reality,every she wolves fear this and mine was just going to become true.

There is no escape from this place now, I guess I have to die here as well.

Being a slave to that bastard all my life, pleasing him till I forget myself.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a strong gust of wind hit me, his tempting scent lingering with it.

Knowing what it meant,I stood up. Trying to pull down this useless skirt which was really uncomfortable.

I look around to sense him ,when my eyes stop at a silhouette near a tree.

His back leaning against it and hands crossed in front of his chest.

I gulp , moving closer. I already know why he was here.

No man will accept a used mate, he was not going to be an exception.

" needed should have sent someone for it..."

I say , bowing down in respect. He was a powerful man,the most powerful man in our Kingdom instead.

And Omegas like me are killed for even making eye contact with him.

He didn't say anything,but his stare remained.

Making a strange feeling to erupt in my insides.

"Let me know if I can help you need-"

"Shut up"

He says , making my trap to shut and mind to freeze.

Goosebumps appear on my skin and I bite my lips, scolding myself for blabbering in front of him.

He stares again.

And the silence stretches. Making my anxiety to increase with every second.

Few minutes later he straightens his back and stands up , making his way towards me.

My eyes remain rooted to the ground as he steps closer.

The storm of anxiety in my chest , thrashing.

"Have you fucked him?"

He asks and my heart stops. My widened eyes look up at his cold grey eyes and I forgot to breathe for few seconds.

So direct?

How do I answer this? Yes ...I have but not willingly...he blackmailed me..

"I....we.....few...times...but...I.. didn't-"

I stutter to only make his jaw to harden. He closeness,plays with my brain,my body aching for him to touch me.

Shit! What was happening to me ? And then I remembered,it was a full moon today...the matebond is the strongest.

"Yes or No"

He commands and I lower my stare. Why? I wanted to explain...I thought he will trust me...if not atleast give me a chance.


I say and I see his fist clench. I step back afraid I will be a target of it.

He again doesn't say anything for a minute , making my legs to loose their strength and my wolf to cry in my mind.

She was already very weak, she can die if he rejects me.

What can I do to save her?

"I waited 26 years for you. Not even touching a women fearing I will be betraying you. Yet you couldn't save yourself for me?"

He says and I am surprised. It's very rare, men's instincts are way stronger than women and I have never heard of any man controlling his urges and saving his first for his mate.

Yet,he did it. But for whom?

For me. For someone who has lost her everything in this life except for her indomitable will to survive.

"I am sorry ..I...."

He raises his hand again ,not letting me explain.

But even if I speak,I won't be able to tell him the full truth.

"Do you love him?"

He asks and my mouth opens in surprise. Is he serious?

Which mate asks another if they love someone else.

I can see he is stopping himself or I would have been already rejected by him before this conversation.


"Yet you kiss him back. Yet you don't stop him from kissing you?"

I gulp moving my head in a no as he steps closer to me.

Fear entering my mind as the aura around him hits me.

"Alpha..King... please.."

"Yet you sit in his lap ,wearing these sluty clothes and let him kiss these lips?"

My back hits a tree bark and his eyes change colours. Placing my hands in front of me,I shiver.


"Tell me. Is he the only one or do you love doing this with others when you are in heat? How many bastards have touched what only belonged to me?"

"Calm...down Alpha... please...I...."

"Tell me!"

He slams the tree bark on my either side and I flinch in fear.

His arms prisoning me as he moves his face closer.

His breath hits my lips as his eyes are pools of hatred.

Shifting between grey and black, trying to get back his lost control.

I breathe heavily,unable to hold it in any longer.

Tears run down my eyes as I close them. Done with all this. I should have known this ,he is an Alpha. It would be a blessing if he doesn't kill me after this betrayal.


I manage to whisper in my shaking voice,my lips wobbling and the saltness of my tears edible to my lips.

He freezes at my words but I refused to open my eyes.

I don't want to see the hated in them ,I have seen enough in my life. Not his as well.

Let him just reject me and get this over with .

My breathing hitched as I felt a soft touch on my lip. To only realise that I was biting it hard to draw blood from it .

I open my eyes to see his grey orbs fixed on my lip,his thumb touching my lip to bring it out of the assault.

"I will"

He says and my wolf whines in my mind. Not ready to die so young. I am sorry...I wish you would have found someone else.


He continues, making my teary eyes to look back at him.

"After I have showed you how much your betrayal has hurted me. After I have returned hundred times of what you gave me."

His hands move lower to rest on my waist and the tingles ,make a warmness to spread inside me.

"After I have made you to beg me to touch you and after I have replaced you."

My eyes widen and the warmness inside me freezes. The butterflies in my stomach die down as I look in those beautiful orbs in helplessness.

No he can't...I have already suffered so much..please no.

And that's when his lips crash on me and my body is pushed back on the tree bark.

To experience what they call.

A Kiss of true love.

If only it was of love and not coated by hate.

If only I was truthful and I hadn't betrayed.

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Mariah Jenkins
I think the real error is in the fact that Thora was raped, but makes it seems as she was willing. If someone was hurt and they had a way out they would take it. With her mate rank being over that of her abuser why would she side with the abuser and choose a life of more suffering over the mate bond
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Kristina Mahler
I can't read this novel with so many errors in it. it makes it difficult to really figure out what is trying to be conveyed. do some spell check. and editing. and then I'll read the rest. it has potential to be a great story. it just needs the proper grammar, and punctuation.

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