Adjusting or surviving?

She stares at the kids playing.

Her dirty sneakers covered in mud , a loose sweat shirt and worn out jeans covering her, as she tries stopping the tears falling down her eyes.

Nose red and eyes puffy , but no one cared.

The screams of children around, making her feel like she was surrounded.

When in reality she knew she was alone.


Using her loose sweatshirt to clear her tears, she folds her arms on her knees and lowers her head on it.

She doesn't remember how long she stayed like that when she feels a tap on her shoulder and she looks up.

" lonely?"

A small girl with big blue eyes looks at her in worry, making a small smile to leave her lips.

"No dear. You all are with me.... aren't you?"

I ask and she moves her head in a no, sitting beside her.

"No. They all are bad! They are not my friends."

The girl says and Thora couldn't help stare at her. The little girl was beautifu

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Lusbella Dehoyos
why is he such a dick ... ugh but definitely loving the story. But thora needs to stand up for herself more

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