The heat

The first wave of heat hits me and I curse. Rushing outside in the open.

The cold winds hit the beads of sweat covering my forehead, giving me a temporary relief. While I clench my stomach which was churning in pain.

I have waited too long....Volkan will not be coming.

Shifting to my small brown wolf which was the mere size of a fox, I rush out into the lush green garden not caring about anything anymore.

Determined to reach the forest.

My claws heavy and body staggering with pain, but I don't stop.

It was do or die today.

Merely 5 minutes into the forest and the howls of wolves start echoing around me. Making adrenaline to rush in my veins.

Determination to save my virtue , was unfathomable today and I was going to prove it to him.

Another wave hits ,stronger this time and I scream. 

My scent emerging around me like waves of pleasure , hitting the unmated wolves.

They growly again and this time I
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