It's not that easy as it seems. Atleast not how I thought it to be.

My numb body was thrashing against the current of the water, my lungs protesting and whines leaving my wolf.

But I couldn't escape it, the thrust of the water much stronger than my weak limbs.

Water gushed into my snout and my wolf form hits random rocks, making a cracking sound to be audible to my ears.

It seems I will be broken beyond repair.

If that was not enough of a nightmare.

Imagine the very reason I jumped into the water was still there.

The rogues,they were crazy and blind enough to jump into the water behind me.

And were now barring their teeth at me.

One of them was just near my hind leg and next I know,he grabbed it in its deadly jaw, making a sharp helpless yelp to leave my lips.

Please....not like this moongoddess...not like this.

The other rogue joined him, holding my other hind leg ,when our bodies hit anothe

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