Repeating Rule 2

He stared at her .

His eyes taking in her wounded thigh and the long claw marks on her stomach, and he couldn't help feel the anger run in his veins.

How much he hated those filthy dare they touch his mate with their filthy hands.

Yes he didn't like the girl...but those vulgar  thoughts of those rogues about his mate....

The ones he could hear clearly in his head.

They made him tear apart their limbs to throw them into the running water.

"The girls healing is slow your Majesty. The wound got infected and her wolf is too weak to fight the fever.I have given the IV ...but she will take more time to heal."

The pack doctor said and Volkan merely sighs. Expecting this.

"Hopefully once the heat is over. The fever will come down on its own."

With this the doctor leaves, closing the door behind him.

While Volkan runs his hand through his hair.

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
always punishments
goodnovel comment avatar
Ana Rita Raimundo
again!?? punishment again???!
goodnovel comment avatar
norma berry
I really hope that she will put him in his place eventually and not just roll over the moment he seems to "change".

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