The Turn of Tables

He stops just few steps away from her and Elora didn't dare look up. Suddenly feeling very tensed.

Afraid of him knowing what he did to her.

" We...won Sir Than. Congratulations!'

She whispers. Trying not to stutter under his intimidating presence. Eyes still lowered.

To get nothing from him. That heated stare still there.

" King Thaneos! king Thaneos!"

The bloodhounds cheer. Hoping for their king to acknowledge them and congratulate them on their victory against the werewolves and hunters.

But instead he just stands there. With jaw clenched and brows furrowed.

Impossible for anyone to interpret what he felt.

Looking around he found the piles of dead wolves and hunter men. Few that were alive, were barely breathing.

Just few blows away from death.

The earlier Volkan King was on his knees. Breathing heavily. Body on the verge of fainting, eyes dropping yet determination impossible to break.


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Thrill up the spine not shrill
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Petite woman not women
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wow, unreal, what an outstanding looking forward to the updates now!!!

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