The End of World

She orders. And they don't waste a second . Leaving Thaneos's limp body to have him fall down with a thud.

Surrounded by his own blood , he barely had any life left in him.

He looked almost dead. Defenceless and weak.

With his front on the ground, body bloody. Flesh teared apart from different parts of his skin.

The occasion heaving of his chest, the only evidence of him being alive.

Tieing Silas up to a tree bark.The bloodhounds were enjoying the defencelessness of the greatest King. With their protector laying on his death bed himself.

" Okay so? Any last wishes love?"

She asks sardonically. Taking out the bottle of poison from her pocket. Circling around Silas.

A sword held in her other hand.

" Die bitc*!"

He seethes. To have her chuckle. Holding his face in he

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Nisha Villafana
I don't want anyone to die but I still want Silas and Alexandria to be together

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