The Beast

"Momma? Is that really you?"

"Yes.My daughter. It's me"

Thora says hugging Alexandria. Kissing her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks. Showering her with kisses.

As Alexandria broked into sobs. Hugging her tightly.

" But how mom? I thought...I thought Than took your soul?"

And Thora holds Alexandria's face in her palms. Sadly smiling at her.

" He never took it Alexandria. I gave it to him."

" I was too tired of living my life. Of my pains. Of the struggles. I wanted to leave everything behind."

" But I...I was a coward."

" No matter what. I shouldn't...have left you. I am sorry daughter...I am so sorry."

Thora cries and Alexandria cleans her tears. Holding he

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Comments (2)
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Anika Ali
In all fairness I don’t rlly care who she ends up with I’ll be happy both ways but I do want thanos to end up with his loved one
goodnovel comment avatar
Elaine Wilson
please don't let Alexandria die and let her and silas get together.

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