Epilogue (1)

                 12 years Later

" Sandwich or Lasagne?"

" Anything"

" Oh come on Than! Choose one. What do you want to eat?"

" I said anything !!"

" Anything is not an answer! Tell me or later you will say I didn't made your favourite and starved you !"

And that's when Thaneos sighs, turning around to look at Alexandria , who had her hands placed on her waist.

And he suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

She looked so damn beautiful.

The dress she wore was black,  highlighting her grey eyes more. Hugging her curves perfectly. The neckline plunging a little deep showing her cleavage. Yet it was elegant. Floor length with a thigh slit. Leaving a lot to imagination.

" What will you like to have Than?"

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Comments (6)
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Ana Colon
Can’t wait ... loved this story so much. I’m glad Thora stayed with Daniel and Sylas got a second chance mate
goodnovel comment avatar
outstanding story line, wonderful writing and look forward to more. is there a book 2 for this too?
goodnovel comment avatar
I have really enjoyed the storyline but wish more attention was paid to the editing. Having to decipher what the author is trying to say makes for a tedious read.

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