Epilogue book 2( Final)

The Royal Castle


                 9:46 pm

The hall was decorated with beautiful red and white flowers. A slow music playing in the background.

Influential people from packs all around the world have come to attend it. Chatters and laughs being heard every second.

A  figure stands there in the centre , sipping an expensive vine. His eyes fixed on the guests surrounded him.

" The latest policy is getting accepted widely Sir. The tax distribution is so rational. All thanks to you Sir! Our pack is doing great."

" It's a pleasure. If anything, I should be thanking you. The Northern borders are safe and you are taking good care of it"

" That's my honour Sir! I am obliged"

When anothe

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Ambria Baker
Book three please and fast
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Zusette Almendra
Book threeeeeee pleeeeease............
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Rebecca Weaver
omg loved it thank u.
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