The most wanted

8:30 am 

2nd November 2017

Warewolf council room



On the Bench sat the 10 eldest members of the werewolf community.Around 100 members from packs all around the world were seated in the room and on the head seat sat the King of werewolves, Aaron Alistaire King.

"The last attack was three days back the details are

Pack name-blue moon

Alpha name -Caleb Reynolds

Pack members -120

Survivors -none


Time 12:46 am

Duration of attack:8 minutes

Mode of destruction -fire and some unknown force" one person presented the case 

"I think this is thunder wolf again, the details are similar to his last attack"

One council member said

"Yes, I agree he is the one behind this, but the question is what do we do about him? all the packs are living under the fear of getting attacked at any time? we need to do something about him, he is threatening our very existence!!"

The other elder said

"But no one has ever seen him, it's next to impossible to catch him, also who have seen him die the next minute, what can we do exactly??" the first elder asked.

"We need to predict his attack beforehand and be prepared? maybe then we can attack him with our full force and bring him down" another elder said

"Alpha king what do you suggest?" the first elder asked

The king was in deep thought, the question brought him out of his trance

"This wolf is not a normal wolf, we are talking about the most powerful wolf in the world, we have no idea of his strengths and weaknesses, planning on attacking him is a suicidal plan also there is no definite pattern of his attacks, predicting his next attack is impossible. This was his 3 rd attack in two years, so I think we should just rest the case."

"But alpha we cannot allow him to roam around freely killing anyone he wishes to!!"

One elder said

"My apologies Elder Derek but I don't think we can do anything, we won't even know who we are catching, no one has seen his wolf part let alone his human part, I can't waste my resources to locate someone who as invisible as the wind"

The king said.

All the people in the hall had a serious look on their face, they agreed with the alpha and felt helpless.

"I suggest we should declare him the most wanted wolf and pass the order of kill at sight"

One elder suggested

Others hummed in response.

Everyone looked at the king for his final decision.

"I guess that this is the only thing we can do then, I agree to your decision elders"

Voting was done and this order was passed.

The council was dismissed and all people went back with the fear of Thunder wolf in their hearts ,praying to the moon goddess to keep them safe from this havoc and beast of nature.

Everyone left except the Alpha king, he was still seated on his seat in deep thought, he felt a hand on his shoulder to see his best friend Daniel Gray looking at him.

"Hey man, what are you so tensed about?"

"Nothing Dan, it's just that I feel helpless right now, I am the Alpha king for god sake and I can't even protect my own people from this thunder wolf,

if I ever come across this Thunder wolf I swear I'll give him a very very painful death. 100 times worse than the pain he gave to my people."

"Aaron just loosen up okay, don't be stressed these wrinkles on your forehead don't suit your handsome face, you look like a pug man!!"

Daniel said laughing and imagining his friend with a pug's face with wrinkled lines on his forehead.

Aaron's lips formed into a smile

"A pug, seriously man!! I have to admit you have some vivid imagination skills and your jokes are just so lame, like you blabber just whatever comes to your mind!"

"Hey, don't you dare question my joking skills, see there is this wide smile on your face because of my joke, so wasn't my joke a joke?huh?"

"Ya yaa w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r floats your boat, now let's go packhouse is a 5-hour drive from here, we have to reach before dawn"

"Why are you in a hurry, I should be in a hurry otherwise Emma will make me sleep on the couch, her deadline is at 6 o clock, you know she is tracking me every hour, today also she wants me to directly come home from this meeting, no roaming around and befriending other girls,

mates can be really bossy and possessive sometimes."

On hearing the word mate Aaron's smile fell, he felt a sudden pain in his heart and his wolf groaned in pain.

Daniel just realised his mistake on seeing his friends face, Aaron's mate was a sensitive topic for both of them.

"I am sorry, I just..."

"It's okay Dan, let's get going"

Aaron said sitting on the driver's seat.

But Daniel knew better that it was not at all okay.

He followed his friend and sat on the passenger's seat, thinking about his Alpha's mate who was also his one and only sister.

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What?! His sister?
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Lacie Bowery
Did you just say his sister is his mate?

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